Refreshing naughtiness

I was bad yesterday, and it felt really good.

Even after I was punished for it, and even after I assured Abel how sorry I was, I still remember how good it felt to be nonchalantly naughty.

The story is simple (Abel has told it in more detail here): we were at a church wedding, and I fancied a mint.

I had no mint, but there was a pack of gum in my bag. When I reached to get some (this was, I must underline, after the solemn part was over, and the newlyweds were having pictures taken with the registry tome), Abel asked what I was doing.

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Tomorrow afternoon I leave work early and head to the Shadowlane Pary in Vegas for the weekend. I’m going to be dressed in my new English school uniform. This means I get to go through airport security, the trip to Vegas, and the cab ride to the hotel dressed as a school girl. Am I embarrassed? Hmm a bit. How did this come about? Well, let me tell you!

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Frantic Fondling

A few minutes of research indicates that I have been seriously absent here. Seriously. I've written 2 entries since this very day last year. Why, you ask? Because I'm a well-behaved (if wanton) girl. Usually.

Not today, though.

In the interest of complete transparency, I have been spanked frequently in the last year. And you might say that I've been in trouble once or twice. Generally, though, I think I've been fairly level-headed and emotionally stable this last year. All in all, there have been noticeably fewer days when I've been in a tantrum with Chris, fewer days when I'm so overwhelmed that I vacillate between distraction and depression, and many fewer days when the little things add up so dramatically that I break down in tears by bedtime.

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New Uniforms and New Beginnings

The PB has been relatively quiet lately, though research shows that's not due to a lack of spanking or spanking writing by many of the authors here.  Here's my research update.  Since last we heard from them, the ever so sexy Natty has been experimenting with topping and (of course) she has been spanked as well.   The lovely Haron has been welcomed home with a whipping (o that Abel!) while sparkle has been directed to devise her own painful welcomes for her reunion with Chris (who has been posting pictures of sparkle's bum, but that's another matter).   DykeGrrl / Jigsaw Analogy can often be found on the forum where I discovered she's getting regular maintenance spankings on Sundays (me too!). 

Finally, Paul pointed out late this afternoon that Iris was in trouble today too and going to get a spanking.  More sunburn trouble for Iris, complete with (perhaps) a spanking with / in front of a girlfriend guest. 

Okay, so I've delayed enough I guess.  A careful reader (which I'm sure you all are) would have noted the word "too" in that sentence above.  "Too" as in "also" or "as well."  Since it was agreed last Sunday that we Uniform would use Sunday's to discuss the week, and I've known all week I'd be spanked Sunday.  A tiny part of me has been looking forward to it because it would mean I was going to wear my new uniform.  But only a tiny part because I knew that the very act of wearing it would prompt a hard spanking and I'm not crazy.  You see, a little over a month ago, Paul surprised me with two authentic gym-slips.  They were ordered from a UK eBay vendor but they're imported from South Africa where school girls still wear them.  Although I'd tried them on, personal circumstances which required Paul to travel to the UK quite suddenly coupled with a heat wave (the uniform is a black wool blend) here when he returned  (with some authentic uniform shirts no less) meant I hadn't had a chance to really wear it yet.  Those of you who know me know that in addition to being a "sick little hand-tawsing freak" (thanks Niki), I have serious love for traditional uniforms.  Had this managed to be simply a maintenance spanking, it probably would have been eager anticipation I felt last night. 

Instead, given that the phrase "You'll get an e*e*a to clean you out in the morning when we get up and then we'll deal with everything else this afternoon" or something very close to it, was uttered, I was kept awake by more than just concern over the Doctor Who cliff hanger.  The e*e*a was to be my punishment for having eaten sugar without permission.

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A Real Punishment

It's been a long time since I've earned a real punishment.  Sure, I've been smacked and scolded; I've mouthed off and stuck out my tongue; I've transgressed minor rules and even gotten hairbrushed a little.  But a real, serious, big-time punishment?  It's been a while.

So when I got a text message from M on Monday, I was nervous.  The text said, "When you get home you are to change into your plaid skirt and a white shirt and wait for me."  Gulp.  Wouldn't you have been a little nervous?

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Spanking soundtrack

Just because I haven't been posting much doesn't actually mean I haven't been getting spanked. I just haven't had anything especially insightful to say about them (for the boring details, you can feel free to check out This Thing We Do, or my blog. W has been asking me to write about punishments and maintenance spankings right afterwards, but that doesn't lend itself to good writing, so I haven't been posting here.

Anyhow. There was a point to this post: reader participation!

W likes to spank to music. We had been using various music channels through our cable company, but that can get annoying, either because it distracts one or the other of us, or because they have a string of songs that just aren't good for spanking.

So, what is YOUR spanking soundtrack?

If you made a mix for spankings, which songs would be on it? Some of it's about finding songs with a good beat (pun not intended, but there it is!), some of it's about having songs with good lyrics, and some is about pacing the spanking. Once we've gotten our playlist set up, I'll post the songs in a comment here. Feel free to add your own, either as an entire soundtrack, or just songs you'd have on the soundtrack, in no particular order.

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So, I was punished the other day. I didn’t really disagree with it because I definitely made a mistake. He had planned to have some large items hauled away,and a couple of months ago I signed up for it. Yet, we missed the date for that even though all of us had mentioned it and wondered about it in the days leading up to it. That’s pretty cut and dried, right?

But, my Owner and I are sort of at an impasse about some of the finer details. You see, although I did definitely mess up and did deserve to be punished, I felt that this was an issue where responsibility was shared between the three of us. I felt CC could and should have just as easily solved this issue the several times she brought it up, and similarly so could he.  So, I’m not saying I shouldn’t have done it, because I should have.  I’m also not making any judgments about whether or not CC should be punished (although I think he thinks so). I just think we all failed.

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I Like to Ask

Over the past several weeks, Chris has tried gamely to convince me to ask for a hairbrushing.

This, right now, I cannot do. I tried, really I did. I knew it would please him to take a piece of ebony or mahogany to my bottom until I was beyond whining. I knew it would please him in a convoluted way to end a punishment that has gone on much longer than either of us anticipated when he imposed it…

Maybe I should back up.

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Out of Sorts

I’m in a pretty weird place today. Unfortunately I can’t go into all the details, but I can say I’ve been involved in a pretty big screwup. I’m one of those people who tends to be very hard on myself. I have a lot of ingrained guilt, and even when I haven’t screwed up big time I can usually find several examples of mistakes throughout a given day. If left to my own devices I could easily find a reason why I deserve punishment all the time.

My  Owner doesn’t view me the same way.  One of the earliest pieces of advice he ever gave me was, “Being a better submissive means learning to trust your Dominant to punish you when you need it and not do it to yourself.”  I’ve always taken that to heart, but I’m not terribly good at putting it into practice.  You can probably imagine that if I’m guilt ridden in general, I’m ridiculous when I have something specific to obsess about.

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My punishment book

It was December 2002 and A. was my ambiguously undefined cyber-guy. We had been chatting (and flirting) online for months and finally declared over Yahoo Messenger that we really cared about each other. That we were a couple – you know, in an ambiguously undefined way.

Even more ambiguously undefined was how we'd ever be a couple in a clear and defined way. I was in Oregon. He was in England. I was bedridden. He was on the dole. I was praying just to get on the dole.

One afternoon – at least afternoon on my side of the Atlantic – we were doing the Nick Cohen End of the Year quiz at the Observer website. A. told me not to cheat by looking down at the answers. Which meant, of course, that I totally had to cheat.

"You really need your backside tanned, young lady," A. typed.

"Nuh uh," I replied.

"Hrm...well luckily for you, and your bottom, I am a few thousand miles away."

I grinned at first. But that longing to be together quickly stole my smugness and replaced it with grim silence.

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How sparkle and Chris did not save my ass

It doesn't really seem fair to get spanked when one has company.  I mean, hospitality and propriety mean something, right?  So it seems even less fair to get spanked in front of company.

Even if they're kinky company.

Even if they're kinky, into-discipline company. 

Even if both members of said company have spanked me in the past.

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Helping your neighbours

I'm not usually big on practical jokes, because I like people around me to feel good. I'm empathic like that. However, I'm not completely above occasional little naughtiness when events call for it.

This time, it felt like the events were *begging* for it. Abel and I were showing our friend Sarah around our town when we encountered one of these charity fund-raisers with a bucket: you throw some coins in there, and the guy gives you a sticker to say what a big damn hero you are for giving money away.

So. Abel tosses some coins into the bucket and receives the sticker. Now, if you happen to have a child with you, stickers are great. Otherwise? Not so great. Grown-up clothes don't look so good accessorised with stickers, plus there's icky glue on them. Plus, it's uncool to advertise your charitable donations - particularly, with a big piece of paper stuck to your boob. Therefore, I felt I was justified in rolling my eyes a little when Abel slapped the sticker onto the outside of my coat. "Keep it there," he said sternly.

It felt like he was putting me through a character-building exercise.

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How my sister's dog saved my ass

Tuesday night I was dogsitting for my sister for a few hours when A. called for our daily chat. And in the course of our chat I had to confess that I had gone to bed 40 minutes late. Which was bad, but especially naughty as I had gone to bed that late the night before and gotten off with a warning.

"I think your sister's dog is going to witness a little domestic discipline," A. said. "Better fetch the ping pong paddle." (Which I was surprised he was even bothering with as he said the day before he can never take it seriously as an implement.)

"But," I whined. "I can't do this in front of the dog. She's looking at me."

And she was too. A tan, medium-sized, short-haired dog with big floppy ears sprawled out at the end of the bed who raised her head up and turned it toward me with big dark chocolate eyes.

"Bare bottom, please."

I pouted and pulled down my leggings and underwear. And felt weird as hell as the dog stared at me while I laid down on the bed, paddle in hand.

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So, after a not entirely intentional hiatus over the summer and early fall, W. and I are working on getting our "system" working (again).  It's a struggle, and I'll probably wind up posting much more about it later.  This stuff is hard work!

We've been going through the rules, and trying to set things up so that 1, they're actually useful for both of us, and 2, so that the consequences work for both of us.  And I'm working on getting myself to trust that they will work, which is even more difficult.

One of the issues is lying (and, how unfair is this, she's including "lying by omission," which is my usual tendency, since I'm actually a pretty bad liar face to face).  She's looking for ideas about specific punishments for telling lies.  (I think being required to play 200 rounds of Word Whomp online would be a fitting punishment, but I think she'd disagree.)

W's also going to be getting her blog up and running, and plans to be asking a lot more questions this time around.  When that's been done, I'll probably post about it, and encourage people to surf over and comment there.

Also, on a somewhat related note, if anyone knows of a DD-type forum where the people don't do the whole "this setup works because men are naturally more responsible and women are weak, and that's how God ordained things to be" thing, and where they won't object to a same-sex couple, it would be really helpful if you could let me know.

Thanks.  I'll hopefully post in more detail when I have longer than 15 minutes to do so.

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The Repeat Offender

Certain misdeeds chase me like demons of doom: most of the time I get punished for things I had already done wrong before, and suffered the consequences for, possibly several times.

It would be tempting to say: "Well, obviously, spanking doesn't work if you re-offend," but it's not so simple.

I don't react well to being expected to reform once and for all after only one occasion. Whether there's a spanking involved or not, the "go forth and sin no more, EVER" approach only makes me resentful: if I *could* avoid certain undesirable behaviour for the rest of my life, then I would, punishment or no punishment. I expect to live for a long time, though, and I don't anticipate spending any part of my life as a saint - which would certainly be the implication if all my usual quirks and badnesses were corrected forever within the next few years.*

One of my pet hates is hearing the phrase "Obviously, last time I didn't punish you hard enough." I don't hate it in a love/hate way: it just irritates the hell out of me. I'm not receptive to punishment when I'm irritated.

On the other hand, the phrase "I let you off last time", said in a hurt, regretful tone shred me into tiny little pieces.

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The Story-ness and the Remembering

Last week I was proofreading a news story for A. and remembered that I had a post here that I started several months ago but never finished. Now that I have my new laptop and have become a manic blogger again, it's time to dig up it up and finish it, especially as I really enjoyed what I remembered. Or rather, I enjoyed the remembering. The actual event remembered was not so enjoyable while it was happening. Indeed, it was rather painful.

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Out of Whack

M and I got back from Shadow Lane a little over a week ago, and I've had lots to think about since then.  I had a wonderful time there: saw lots of old friends, met some new ones, and got to play with people I like very much.  This hasn't always been my preferred (ahem) position at parties.  For a long time I only went to socialize; I didn't want to play with anyone other than my primary partner.  That has to do with an experience from a long time ago that did not happen at a party but colored my opinion about public play.

Anyway, I've changed my tune and now very much enjoy playing with a few people at parties.

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Sleeping, Spice Drops and Ping Pong

Just a quick note before my embarrassing stuff, sparkle has a wonderful little entry over on her blog here and a (very hot) list of her rules and consequences here

So go read her stuff.

You're still here? 


Okay, so I got spanked this morning.  Not just spanked, punished actually.  Why?  For going to bed very late (4:15am)  and then getting up very early  (6:45am). 

Details?  Okay...

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You want to spank me with WHAT?

I've been trying to compose a detailed post catching everyone up on my life, but it's taking too much time and getting too long-winded.  So here's the update: M and I are back together.  And doing very well.  We are reincorporating discipline back into our relationship (though Chris still has disciplinary power too--now I have multiple tops watching me!).  And M has decided that he needs to spank me as close in time to my transgressions as possible.  Which means, given my living quarters, that we need a very quiet implement.

Sigh.  Show of hands: does anyone know what the quietest spanking implement in the world is?

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Soap or Lines?

A. has developed this new affinity for including soap in any punishment he delivers over the phone -- much to my consternation (though, thankfully he hasn't been savvy enough to make sure the bar is wet or that I bite down on it, so it basically just gets on my lips, but still...).

When I whined about it this evening, he told me I should just be grateful I wasn't getting lines.

"Uh, I think I'd rather go with the lines," I grumbled while wiping my lips yet again.

Not that I really get to do any picking, but my question for you all would be to ask what you would pick: soap or lines?

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A Little More Discipline

So, on my personal blog I told the scary tale of bad bad buggery that made me very sick for a few weeks. For the first couple of those weeks I was too sick to do anything remotely naughty. But after awhile, I found myself feeling very cranky. My inner ten-year old had had just about enough of the whole staying in bed thing. Trouble was, I still wasn't healthy enough to really get out of bed much. Which just made me crankier, and yet, really wanting a spanking.

Most of you are familiar with that feeling of being annoyed by just about everything and wanting to bitch about it all (and maybe even doing so) but when all is said and done, you'd really rather just get a nice, long spanking -- though you'd probably be irritated if it was offered (or told that's what you were getting). 

I was feeling that big time.

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Upping the Ante

Most of us have inner children.  Some of us have inner teenagers.  With dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.), those inner teenagers are a little more complicated to deal with.  They are more than that impulse inside, where someone can have a feeling, recognize it, and do something to make that feeling resolve, while still understanding the world in adult terms.  So when my inner 14 year old is active, she has all the reasoning and coping skills of an actual 14 year old.  You might think this would be challenging, and it is.  Or, as W. would say, "Boy, howdy."

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A Nail-Biting Story

Last night I caught myself chewing my nails. I haven't done it since I was about - oh, six or so - and decided that coming back to the habit twenty years later wasn't something I wanted.

"Uh-oh," I said to Abel, with my mouth full of nail. "I think, I need a beating."

This is exactly the sort of matter where any initiative from Abel would have been firstly, impossible, secondly unwelcome: if he had seen me nibble on the nail, and forbidden me to do it under the threat of a punishment, he would have been invited to take a hike. However, helping me with an issue that I brought to his attention myself is a sort of husbandly duty. (The poor guy is so exploited.)

He sat on the bed, bent me over his lap and tugged down my knickers, and gave me a few experimental swats with his hand.

"Ouch," he said. "This hurts."

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Limit Testing

Right.  So the other day I said things were getting "back to normal."

They are getting back to normal, but with some bumps.  I wrote about the first day on el tercer ojo (my blog).  My plan was/is to blog each day this month about how things are going.  But of course I'm already two days behind.  This too was supposed to be written up yesterday, but again, I've fallen behind.

What I've realized though is that being away from things -- my work, spanking, uniforms and accountability in general -- has made it a little difficult for me just to step back into life as a disciplined girl (or woman, whatever).

As it says on my blog, the first day went pretty well.  I didn't get any work done, but Pab and I had already talked about that and decided I didn't need to start my school work yet.  Everything else got done that day and the bedtime spanking was a sweet good girl one that hurt, but not too much.  I went to bed feeling very smug.  Clearly we have this discipline relationship thing down, right?  And can slide back into this like a pair of comfy jeans.  Right.

Tuesday?  Not good.

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Moving Back to Normal

Or at least we're getting back to whatever passes for normal in our house. 

In early December I had abdominal surgery that required longish incisions on my stomach.  The recovery was painful -- more-so then I expected -- despite some really really good drugs*.  The surgeon had to cut through and reconnect muscle and resew my skin together.  I was uncomfortable and needed (and got) a great deal of TLC while I was healing.

In many respects recovery wasn't fun, though I did get some really nice gifts and cards from friends and family.  However, my healing did function as a "Get out of spanking free" card.  Oh and a get out of research and writing too.

Apparently, that card has been played for the last time this month.

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Fitting the punishment in

One of the things I noticed about working for yourself is that you never have enough time. For anything. Even for most of your work. Everything needs to be extensively planned, squeezed into the calendar, finished in too little time, crossed off the to-do list.

This seems to include punishment. Unless it's planned ahead, or cramped into a tiny pocked of the day when neither Abel nor I happen to be running mental circles around our tasks - it's not going to happen. Luckily, we've got pretty good at finding time for things like that - eventually, after much putting-off - but it has also come to mean that I'm losing any ability to worry about a punishment much beforehand - or else I'd spend days and weeks waiting for a snatched moment, fretting.

A few weeks ago Abel woke me up before going off to catch a train, and informed me I was in for it: I had let the credit on the gas meter run out again. (We are old enemies, that gas meter and I.) I sighed, and agreed, and fell back asleep until my alarm clock went, and then there was work, and more work, and over the next few days we remembered a punishment was supposed to happen, but we failed to find that small shred of time and aloneness that would make it possible.

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Be careful what you wish for

It seems like only yesterday that I was posting here about desperately needing to be spanked.  So given the title of this post, guess what I'm writing about today? 

Yep, I've been spanked.  Several times, actually, and not fun ones either.  Serious punishments.

But if you've been paying attention in the last few months, your next question might well be, "Who could have punished Iris, given the fact that she's no longer in a disciplinary relationship?"  Or perhaps, "Who could have punished that sweet angel Iris?--she's absolutely delightful!"  Or maybe not.  :-D

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Myriad of emotions

Punishments often come with a myriad of emotions. Frustration. Ambivalence. Fear. Intimacy. Love.

Tuesday's punishment for several days of missing my bedtime included all of those. A. had told me the night before he was going to sort me out the next day, and I woke up Tuesday with that familiar mixture of excitement and fear. But also a great deal of ambivalence.

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I hate wooden spoons

The tops of my thighs are quite stingy at the moment. Especially with my sweats rubbing against them. Or rather, with my sweats rubbing against my pajama bottoms rubbing against them.

Wooden spoons really are evil. As are drafty apartments.

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Gimme an inch...

So, um, I posted last week about how I've got a bed time now. And that I get a reprieve for Saturday nights.

Well, last night was Saturday night so I knew I could stay up to watch Saturday Night Live provided that I was in bed by midnight. And I sorta watched SNL. I mean, it was on in the background. While I talked on the phone. Until about 12:55 am. And while I was sitting on my bed, I wasn't exactly in bed (whoever knew that prepositions could be so important?). Or even ready for bed. Indeed, I didn't actually make it into bed with the lights out until 1:15 am.

"Right. I have to have a think about your punishment," A. said to me tonight on the phone with that stern, British accent of his.

So tonight I'll be going to bed at 12 am sharp. And wondering about what my punishment is going to be.


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A Different Kind of Post

I've been debating about whether or not to write this post for several weeks, but I've decided that I think it could be both really good for conversation and really good for me to write out.  So here it is.

After more than two years of being in a relationship that included discipline, I now find myself without it.  Without discipline and without the relationship, that is.  (And actually, I moved into my relationship with M from another one that incorporated discipline, so I guess that means it's been about three and a half years since I've been on my own in that sense.)  Aside from the normal gut-wrenching, soul-piercing pain that accompanies any break up, I'm also dealing with the loss of any practical application of discipline in my life.  At this point I'm still dealing with a lot of the initial grief and the loss of discipline feels kind of minor.  But it's starting to raise its head in small ways.

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Broil It

I did something really stupid last night. It was inexcusable, particularly in our house. That being said, I had a terrible headache (i.e. edging to a migraine) which to this moment in time hasn't gone away completely.

What did I do? Put a slab of London broil on the boiler, put it in the oven, set the oven to low, and went and sat down on the couch with the princess. She climbed up on my lap and we got all cuddly and watched Scooby-Doo.

And I fell asleep.

I woke up to the smoke detector blaring at full volume.

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Over the Knee

Overtheknee_fIt's been almost ten years since I delurked on  This past month, sparkle's husband Chris wrote a bit about delurking and the effect it's had on his life, mostly in terms of people he's met on-line and off.  This blog, of course, is an example of wonderful connections we've made.  Generally I forget that I've been around for a while (and likewise I forget that I'm getting old) and therefore I've been fortunate enough to have met a lot of very kewl people in this scene.

But I had another "wow, I know some people who are famous" moment recently.  Maybe my most profound one.  So pardon me while I brag on a friend.

You see, a dear friend, Fiona Locke, has a novel that's just been published this week.  It's called Over the Knee and it has clearly been written by someone very into our scene for people like me (and you too if you read and like this site).  Yes, I know someone who's written and published a real, on-paper spanking book.

But that wasn't all.  I mean, I've met and chatted with a few other spanking authors (Eve Howard and Devlin O'Neill) at Shadow Lane parties and some other BDSM / kink writers like Miranda Austin and Janet Hardy from the newsgroup.  In the case of Fiona's book though, I know the person who took the picture on the book's cover.  I know both the spanker and the spankee in the picture (okay, so it's Fiona and her partner, but how often do you know of an author posing for the cover image?).  And I know (and live with) the person who built her website.  Although I contributed nothing to the success of this venture, I still feel so excited about it.

Besides, as great as reading stories online is, isn't there something especially wonderful about having a book about spanking in your hands?

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Bedtime Blues

For the first time in our four and half year relationship, A. is enforcing a bedtime for me.

Both he and I have generally been night owls, appreciating a certain level of creative energy that comes in the wee hours. Long ago I used to be a morning person, but since my illness has reeked havoc with my circadian rhythm, I've been a I'll-go-to-sleep-whenever-I'm-damn-well-tired-enough-to-and- wake-up-whenever-I-damn-well-wake-up sort of person.

However, since being diagnosed with and beginning treatment for hypothyroidism at the end of August, my circadian rhythm has settled down into some regularity. By midnight I start getting pretty sleepy and if I stay up much later, I'm barely able to drag myself into the bathroom to brush my teeth, floss, pee, etc. And for the next two days I'll be groggy regardless of how late I slept in.

But, well, despite how much sense it makes to go to bed at midnight, I'd never quite make it there before 1 or 2 or even 3 am. I mean, I've been going to bed in the am for years now, so I just don't think about getting ready for bed at, say, 11 pm.

Well, I do now.

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Knock On Wood

Some months my hormones rage. I tend to rage with them. It’s not every month, nor reliably on the 26th day or two days before I start bleeding. It just happens sometimes and at different intensities.

Last month, at about day five of my menstrual cycle I thought to myself, “Oh wow! Hey, I didn’t have PMS.” I mentioned it to Chris and he agreed that it really had been a smooth month.

We should have knocked on wood.

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Reporting for Punishment

'I hope you'll dress smartly for your appointment,' said Abel as I curled up in my bath robe at half past 10 in the morning.

'What do you want, a ball gown?' I said. Nevertheless, I dragged myself upstairs to put some clothes on. At 11am exactly I was supposed to knock on his office door, reporting for my punishment.

This used to be a fantasy of mine: hours of anticipation, self-conscious squirming, minutes ticking away - walking up the stairs with enough time to spare that I can take a few deep breaths at the door to calm my nerves. We sometimes role-play with scenes like that, and I love it. Reality has shown that I'm just so good at compartmentalisation, that the first time I thought about the punishment that morning when Abel reminded me to get dressed for it. Not that I wasn't happy to get over with it: the punishment had been hanging over me for more than a day.

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Say What NEXTEL?


This seems a rather harsh ad campaign, but perhaps one we'll have to adopt here on the PB. 

Pab snapped this on our way to breakfast this morning, compensating for the reflection and the like.  We did try and take one with me standing under the sign but I did something odd with my mouth during the picture (not at all unusual for me btw) and so have disposed of those copies of the print.

One nice thing about living in Santa Monica is that no one seemed at all interested in why we were either snapping the pictures or why I was posing there.

Maybe we'll have to try it again before the sign comes down. 

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So getting to today. 

As I mentioned below, today was not a good day.  It started out rather badly as I stayed up too late last night (and got spanked quite hard with a wooden spoon for thoughtlessness).  I'd been out of sort all day yesterday and started that way today too.

A conversation with a friend helped, and reminded me that I needed to get to working.  But 2:30 rolled past and I was still in my "going to get coffee" sun-dress rather than my "getting down to work" uniform.   Pab was in the other room busily working.  Probably thinking I was too. Probably not realizing (because I'd been crafty enough not to post anything) that while the iMac was locked, my Powerbook was still on the 'net. 

But the day was slipping past.  What I couldn't do, without talking to him, was leave.  And I wanted to go shopping -- and I really need some new cords. 

I had an idea.  Instead of today, I could work tomorrow.  It would all even out the same and I'd have gotten my weekly pages done.  Besides, I'd worked hard (for me anyway) all month.  Surely I deserved this Friday off to shop on Third Street.

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Thirty-Two Pages OR The Shadow Lane Knock-On Effect

I've been intending to write something about the way things are in our house since September (since we got back from Shadow Lane).  I did write this and Pab wrote his response, but that was before things in our house really started.   

Right after that, well, we started talking about the way things would be while I got some much needed work (meaning writing on my thesis) done. 

It (I'll explain more about it as we go) started the first week in September.  It's been just over a month now and things have gone pretty well.  As of this afternoon a chapter of my thesis that didn't exist at all on September 5 now has 32 pages. 

And today, well my bottom is currently so sore that sitting is painful.  Which gets to why I'm finally writing about this.  You see, today was not an easy day. 

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Bad Girl with Worse Memory

If you were to judge my behaviour recently by the absence of any posts here on the Punishment Book, you might well think that I have been reformed. So No True. I've simply been a model of efficiency, using every scrap of free time to polish away at my schoolwork. In fact, in the weeks I was drowning in schoolwork, Abel found a reason to punish me four times, but we have both decided that posting about it could wait.

So it waited.

So you think now would be a good time to make that post, right?

Well, not quite. Thing is, neither of us can remember what these punishments were for any more, nor what they were. I think a repeat instance of reading in the dark was involved, and I'm pretty sure there was something about blatant cheekiness. I vaguely remember being taken upstairs for a few licks of the cane over my trousers, as well as some fast, sharp swats on my bare behind as I was bent over the arm of the living-room sofa. Other than that... I've no idea what happened.

Because Abel doesn't remember either, we've decided that a short summary would suffice. I mean, some offences don't merit being recorded in punishment books, right?

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Congratulations Haron OR Years of Caning Pays Off

It's finally happened.  After being punished for being bad (though she never really is), motivated to be good (and here too), for working too hard, and for reading in the dark, one of our esteemed PB authors, the lovely Haron, is almost a doctor (PhD) of law.  She turned in her dissertation this past week and even had a celebratory dinner / caning, which you can read all about here.  All she has left is her defense.

What a wonderful achievement!

Haron's an inspiration to me, given that I've been stuck ABD (that's 'All But Dissertation' to the innocent) for far too long.  She deserves all sort of congratulations for finally being out of school.   Though I suspect she will, heart of hearts, forever be a schoolgirl.

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Lady in Red

I'm a procrastinator.  Often I say things like "Deadlines are good for me" and, "I work well under pressure," and both of those are true.  It's also true that I procrastinate--an awful lot. 

So it's no real surprise that I needed help getting this one last paper done.  (Yes, I'm finished with my degree, but this is something else.  Don't ask.)  And M tried to be helpful by setting a deadline of August 31st, which you'll notice was several days ago.  (discreet cough)  So when it still wasn't done by this past weekend, M decided to take things to a different level.

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Talk Trumps Telepathy

Last Thursday, we went to the beach.  By 'we', I mean Mija, Iris, the princess and I.  (I'm including Mija and Iris because they've already identified themselves as my companions in comments to Chris's discussion of this incident.)  I had lots of fun, but we were outside for 3 1/2 hours in the middle of the day.

And when it was over, my back was burnt.  Pretty badly.  Chris even posted a picture of it.

To be honest, I didn't dream it would be a spankable offense.  I mentioned it to Chris later when he met us for dinner, and was almost immediately informed otherwise.

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The Typical Domestic Spanking Story: Mija's Version.

I'm not sure why it's taken me more than a week to write this entry.  There was nothing especially severe or terrible about this punishment.  Partly I'm embarrassed, but then I've written about far more serious and shaming things here.  I guess on some level I had convinced myself that if I just kept delaying I wouldn't really need to write about it. 

But eight days later, after some gentle reminders, well, here I go.

Last Saturday I got spanked quite hard for something embarrassingly cliche.  As Haron wrote in her entry A Naughty Punished Wife sometime ago, there are certain things that it's almost too stereotypical to be spanked for.  Laxness in house cleaning is one Tasha's written about.  Not mailing an important check (or "cheque' for our British readers) was Haron's 'wifely' downfall.  I supposed I should keep these in mind as I write my version of the typical domestic spanking story.

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Locks, Keys and Chaos

I left the front door unlocked twice last week.

Chris has a habit of asking, on his way out the door, if I’ll lock it behind him so he doesn’t have to pause and do it himself. Now, to be fair, he usually has his hands full or is in a ‘9-1-1’ rush, and he always asks and doesn’t tell, but I generally feel obliged to say yes.

Sometimes, however, ‘right now’ isn’t convenient. I’m in the bathroom with the baby, getting dressed, feel lazy, have something on a hot stove, am in the middle of Civ IV, trying to change a diaper, etc. So I’ll answer with perfectly good intentions, “I will in a few minutes.” And generally I do.

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Health & Safety Issues - Part II

(Read the previous post first if you want the back-story)

OK. Full tummy and some time off of my sore butt and now I'm ready to continue. :) I'm sitting on two pillows as I write this but it still hurts. *sigh*

So, I got to Dave's and he was still in the shower. I was all nervous and having trouble looking at him when he got out of the shower and greeted me. I did spill that I had something else to tell him but that DH told me I shouldn't tell him until after. He guessed right away why that was, which I thought was sort of eerie -- do they ALL think alike? He says, "It's so ridiculous that he figures it's going to require a separate punishment?"  I just blushed. "Well, we're going to follow his lead. He's got more experience than both of us, and he knows what the big secret is. If he told you to wait on telling me then you're going to wait."

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Health & Safety Issues

Dave has started a new job where he will be travelling a lot - 3 or 4 days a week - and it put me into panic mode, in some ways. I always feel somewhat at odds in this relationship -- wanting to be the strong, loving life-partner that is there to be his rock; wanting to be allowed to make mistakes and have the little girl in me taken care of and taken in hand. He's been on vacation with his family, and then on a business trip, and in the time that he was away I had a major medical emergency (well, semi-major) that was very scary to me.

My asthma, which is normally not a big deal at all, got really bad and stayed bad for over a week. By the time I ended up up in the hospital, my inhaler wasn't working at all. I realized when I took it out to clean it off on Friday, after my doctor's office was already closed, that the damn thing was expired and had been for almost a year. I had no refills (again, the asthma isn't a *problem* normally - so I haven't brought it up at a doctor's visit for quite some time) at any of the pharmacies around town and my doctor wasn't calling me back. An ER visit occurred on Saturday where it turned out I had a nasty case of bronchitis, needed steroids, a breathing treatment, a new inhaler, and antibiotics. Dave saw me through all of this over the phone, because he was out of town, and he never scolded or lectured about the expired inhaler. He could tell I was scared to death as it was.

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Pushing it

Today I got the first disciplinary spanking in almost a year.

Part of the reason it's been so long is because I've been struggling with my punishment kink. I've been meaning to write about my struggles in their messy, raw form but I think by the time I get around to writing about it, I will have some more coherent thoughts.

But mostly it's because I've been struggling with illness, something I mentioned in my last post on this blog in January, that got a lot worse at the end of May when I ended up with blood clots in my lungs and was promptly placed on anticoagulants for the rest of my life. After a chat with the hematologist, A. and I have discovered that there are still spankings to be had while on blood thinners. But our experimenting has just been play. No discipline.

Until today.

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Needing More

I got spanked yesterday.  Punished, actually.  Last week I'd had a Diet Coke when I wasn't supposed to, yada yada, and he'd pronounced sentence: a sound hairbrushing.  I didn't totally agree with the severity of the punishment, but we talked about it and ended up more or less agreeing.  (Mostly he listened to me patiently and then said, "Yes, but you're still getting spanked.")

So he pulled me over his knee, lifted up my skirt, and pulled down my panties (there's something much more embarrassing about having a thong pulled down--no idea why).  Gave me a slight warm-up with his hand and moved on to the more serious stuff.  He started with a rice paddle, which stung like the dickens (and I HATE sting).  He even used it on my thighs, though he claims those spanks were "light."  Then he moved to a hairbrush and started spanking hard and fast, with no breaks and no mercy.  I was kicking and bucking like crazy, trying to do anything to get out of the path of the brush, but he held on tight and spanked inside my bottom and thighs when I twisted to get away.  And THEN he took the mean hairbrush and did the same thing all over again.  Needless to say, it was a very thorough hairbrushing.

But when he was done and we were snuggling on the bed, I knew I wasn't done.

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4th of July Fireworks


"But I want to stay up a bit longer," I argued.

"You have a long day at work tomorrow," Pablo replied (that was true) smacking me not-very-hard as I waked walked by.

"See," I teased, giggling a bit, "even you don't want me to go to bed.  That smack was pretty half-hearted."

"The ones I'm going to give you in the bedroom won't be."

I gulped.  My guilt came flooding back.  How could I have forgotten about this morning?

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Not my best writing ever ...

Hi everyone. :) I just posted this in my Livejournal, but I wanted to get it here, too, just so everyone knows that I'm not dead -- or, worse, Vanilla.

I got a spanking today. It was asked for, and deserved, and needed -- but none of that takes away the sting or the blow to my pride, or the moments where I wanted it to stop. It had been a very long time coming. Ever since I was diagnosed, D's seemed less and less inclined to be dominant in any way. He's been loving, and giving; but his kink-needs have been on a sort of down-wave, and coupled with my pain and depression I think he's just felt it was better not to 'go there.'

But lately I've been begging for that part of my life back.

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Memori-able Weekend

I haven't had much in the way of serious punishment spankings lately--for that matter, I haven't had much in the way of any punishment spankings lately.  It was really busy with graduation (family around constantly) and as I noted in a recent comment-on-a-post, I've been feeling prickly about discipline in the last month or so.  I really haven't wanted the vulnerability, so I've kept discipline at arm's length.  And M has been very good about respecting that (not that he had much choice, I suppose).

And then there was last weekend.

I was out in LA visiting, getting a few last things set up before I move out there at the end of the month, but mostly it was a relaxing weekend for the two of us to reconnect.  We haven't had much "us" time recently, and both missed it.  So it was pretty low-key.  And over the course of the weekend I found my smart mouth reasserting itself, my brat side making itself known, and even felt the beginning of a glimmer of a desire to play.  Not, you'll notice, a desire to be punished.  Just a desire to play.  But M's patience can only last so long, and by Tuesday it was at an end.  I was also feeling my oats a little because I hadn't been seriously spanked in so long--this is to explain the otherwise inexplicable lapse in judgment you're about to witness.

We were getting ready on Tuesday morning, him to go to work and me to go running down by the beach.  I was a little tired and perhaps grumpy (? honestly, I have no idea what my problem was) and as he was holding the door open for me to leave, I made some really snippy remark.  Not unkind, I don't think--more in the neighborhood of bratty.  He stopped dead in his tracks and gave me the Look like I haven't seen in weeks.  Which probably should have been my first clue.  However, I was still in my own insulated world and ignored him.  What I did, in fact, was look him straight in the eye as I put on my iPod lanyard and say, "Yeah, like you have the time or inclination to do anything about that right now."

Gulp.  This has to rank as one of the all-time stupidest possible things to say to one's disciplinarian.  Only I really didn't believe he was going to do anything about it right then, because he was running late and I'd been able to um, distract him from spanking me for something else earlier in the weekend.

His eyes sparked fire something fierce, he shut the door calmly, took off my iPod, grabbed my hand, and pulled me into the bedroom.  All this time I was, of course, backtracking like crazy, babbling things like, "You're going to be late!  You don't have time!  I didn't mean it!  What are you doing?  You don't have time for this!"  He pulled several nasty things from the toy bag, shucked down my shorts and panties, and tossed me over his knee.  M's usually a pretty methodical, unruffle-able spanker, but this time he gave me no scolding, no warm up, and no breaks.  Yikes!  He started off with what we call the "quiet" hairbrush, so named because it actually makes relatively little noise on impact.  It's small and MEAN (very dense wood) and it was not a fun beginning.  After spanking me for far too long with that, he switched to the leather paddle, then moved to his hand, then paused to make really sure I understood why I was getting spanked and what exactly I could do to avoid a repeat in the near future.  By this time I was willing to avoid a repeat in any future, near or far, so he seemed satisfied with my answers.  And then he got out the two meanest wooden paddles we own and gave me about ten with each!  I was more than sore and sorry by that point, but he pulled me off his lap, gave me a hard hug, and pushed me into the corner, still with shorts and panties around my ankles.

This was a different kind of spanking for a couple reasons: one, M almost never spanks me when he's actually irritated or angry with me, and two, I rarely get put in the corner after a spanking.  Cornertime doesn't get used a whole lot, mostly if he wants to make sure I'm really contrite when he puts me over his knee, and after a spanking it's bordering on unheard-of.  So I knew he was pretty irritated.  I didn't have to stay there long, because he was still late for work, but I didn't get as much snuggling and petting as I usually get either.  Sigh.

This wasn't my favorite kind of spanking (at all), but I figured it sort of broke a barrier between us that had been slowly building for a few weeks.  And I had been a gigantic brat.  By Wednesday morning I was feeling downright chipper.  M and I were back on track, I was figuring things out for the move, I woke up early to go for a run, came back and took a cool shower: life was good.  When I went into the bedroom, naked and still damp from my shower, I was surprised to see M up and dressed.  His mouth was full of mouthwash, but he kissed me anyway and I giggled.  As I walked past him to get some clothes he grabbed my hand to get my attention, reached over into the toy bag, pulled out a hairbrush, and gestured for me to wait.  I honestly couldn't figure out what was going on, since I'd done nothing wrong, so I waited patiently while he spit out the mouthwash.  But when he came back in, sat on the corner of the bed, picked up the hairbrush, and patted his knee, I got suspicious.  "What?" I said.  "What are you doing?"  Suddenly stern, he said, "Did you write down the things in your calendar like we talked about?"

Oh shit.  See, I have these migraine things that come every once in a while.  They're not headaches, they're more like mini-seizures.  They're very well-contained and I haven't even had one in five or six months, but I'd had one on Sunday/Monday.  Ever since I started having them doctors have been telling me to track them so I have a sense of the severity, course, and any patterns.  Well, I know all about the patterns and I have a pretty good idea of when the last one was; if I start having them every 4 hours again, I'll see someone.  Otherwise, there's not much to be done.  Stupid me, I'd casually mentioned to M that I should probably jot the recent ones down and he took that seriously and told me that he'd hairbrush me if I didn't. 

But there were mitigating circumstances, honest!  I didn't have my calendar with me (had left it in MN) and he knew that.  Unfortunately, he had also decreed that I should write it down somewhere else and then transfer the info when I got home.  And I had promptly forgotten.  Completely, blissfully forgotten.  Sigh.  So I got hairbrushed.  Harder than I wanted, on an already sore bottom, and in the middle of what had started off as a perfectly lovely morning.

I know there's another, better reason to celebrate Memorial Day weekend, but somehow I think this one may rank up there in our personal history. 

Oh, and I transferred the data into my calendar this morning.

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Transcript of a Spanking


22:00: I’m faithfully working. Focused. Accomplishing tasks. Have just started a complex report to be made to my overseers and peers. I have the presence of mind to ask Chris to, well, remind me to retrieve the laundry from the dryer before going to bed.

22:30: Chris asks me, perfectly unruffled, when I will be ready for bed. Distracted by my project, I give the misguided answer of “in a few minutes.” Still tranquil, Chris reminds me that I need to unload the dryer. I immediately fall back into my impressive balance sheet and let the rest of the world drift away.

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I didn't expect to have a punishment to write about quite so soon. But I do. (Part of me wondered whether it was because W. wanted me to have something to post about, but she says not. She says it's not even because of my post on my own blog yesterday, but I know she read it, so I've got a few doubts.)

Yesterday was a difficult day for me. In part, it's because I've been having a lot of difficult days lately. And in part, it's because I had therapy; while therapy is good, it also takes a lot out of me, and leaves me a bit (in the sense where "a bit" means "over 90%") dissociated. Which is to say, by the time W. got home, I was rather on edge.

But I was managing. W. had given me a totally unexpected "good girl" spanking Wednesday night, and in addition to that, the effects of my Sunday night spanking had only just worn off. So I thought I was in a place where I could make it through the rest of the week.

However... I was also coping with a small part of my brain that was feeling hurt and resentful that W. has had to work such long hours recently. Rationally, I know perfectly well that it's necessary, and it's how we pay the bills, and it's how she's doing such a great job at work. But this little kid voice inside of me was letting me know that it feels (um, I guess I feel, even though I *swear* it feels separate from me!) a bit lonely and, well, not taken care of. And I guess it was showing, even though I didn't think it was.

So after dinner was over, W. said, "I guess you didn't think I noticed when you painted the wardrobe, so you did it again. I guess you're telling me you didn't get the response you wanted. I think I need to spank you for that."

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Careless Girl

Have you noticed how many of my entries in the Punishment Book are about punishments for being careless?

Yes?  Well this one won't be much of a surprise then.

I woke up this morning rather late (it was Saturday and we don't have children).  During a rather sweet morning snuggle, Paul mentioned that it was a good thing he hadn't gone to bed when I did and asked if I could guess why.  He usually doesn't go at the same time as me as we've long known I need more sleep then he does or I get sick and out of sorts. 

Anyway, as much of what we've talked about in recent days has been related to his taking over technical moderation of our beloved soc.sexuality.spanking, my first guess was a late-night spam attack.  This is my moderation week and the spammers always seem to know when I'm sleeping.  But no.  It wasn't that.

I wouldn't have gotten in trouble about that.

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Waiting For My Punishment

The punishment I got the other day was marked by the longest wait I've had to endure between finding out I was going to be punished and finally getting it over with.

Do you know that in Tyrer v. the UK, the European Human Rights Court case that screwed judicial birching of juveniles forever, the Court was swayed, among other things, because the lad had to wait 3 days for his birching? Yup, the Court thought things like that made a punishment inhuman.* Well, I had to wait for 9 full days for my comeuppance, and it nearly killed me.

It so happened that earlier this month Abel and I left home on the same day to go in different directions: I was going to spend a couple of weeks with my parents in Kiev, and he was doing his usual flitting-about all business-like thing. He was coming home a week before my return.

"I wonder," he said on the phone just after getting home, "is there a good reason why the indicator on the gas boiler should be flashing red?"

I have a history with the gas boiler, documented for posterity, and rather unpleasant. "Um," I said, feeling slightly ill. "It's, um. I think it might be out of credit."

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Just Splenda

Just great.  No really.

So this morning I was sipping my coffee (trust me, the day doesn't start for me until I get my caffine fix) and teasing Pab a bit to see if we were going to get to do anything fun today or if he had to work.  He'd just told me that we'd go for a bit of a wander, but I needed to let him finish something he was doing.

I left the room with some sort of comment.  Probably very clever and funny (though of course I can't remember it) and got a small, shivery threat as my reward. 

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Paddled For Working Too Hard

"What happened to your morning break?" asked Abel, standing over me.

I blinked at him. I was going through one of my productive spells, typing away, as though the whole thesis had always been a breeze. A morning break? I wasn't aware it was time to have one, no more than I could tell what time it was, or what day it was, or for how long I'd been typing.

Sometimes I go through dry spells in my work, where I stare at the screen for hours, studying every fleck of dust, waiting for the moment it's finally time to make coffee, or an excuse to forget about the whole thing altogether. And then there are times when I sink my teeth into a piece of work, and not let go until it goes so dark that I can't see my longhand notes. For some reason, Abel isn't happy about either of these methods of research: he has drawn up a timetable for me, which includes breaks.

I love breaks. Really. But sometimes breaking up is a nuissance, and up until that morning last week I'd thought it was optional, too.

"The break? Uhm. I forgot about it," I said. I mean, I was working. The text was adding up. That was good. Right?

Not if you're Abel.

"Upstairs," he said.

"Wha... Why?" I'd never been in trouble for working too much. This was too weird for words, and I even pinched myself on the thigh, to check whether I was having one of my frequent spanking dreams.

"You've been given a timetable," lectured my husband, pushing me up the stairs with a palm between my shoulder blades. "It's there to be observed."

Well, yes, but wasn't it there to keep me chained to the keyboard, rather than to make sure I'd had enough cups of coffee?

Not according to Abel. In reality - according to Abel's version of reality - it was there to help me pace myself. To keep me from burning out. To make sure I was still at my desk the next day, instead of being so tired that I head out for lunch with a girlfriend and turn it into afternoon tea, after which I'd get invited to stay for dinner and sleep over.

The timetable was binding, you see, and that included the breaks.

In our bedroom he told me to bend down with my elbows on the bed, and picked up a frat paddle that had stayed there from when we'd last played with it. (Note to self: in future, tidy away implements after playing. Like, immediately.)

"That's so unfair!" I protested. "I didn't know I had to take breaks! Hey, put that thing down!" I babbled my protestations. This has been known to get me into further trouble, but Abel must have been feeling generous, or maybe lazy. (Hi, Abel - do you like this entry? Good.)

He gently advised me to shut up, and then swung the paddle back, and landed it on my jean-clad behind with a good crack.

"Oooooh," I said appreciatevely. I didn't cry it out - this wasn't a hard enough stroke to yelp - but sort of breathed it, as tingling spread over my cheeks.

"Alright, stand up," said Abel.

And that was it. One swat, and he gave me a hug, and told me to go downstairs and have a break.

I didn't even have a heart to mumble anything rude, because he'd hardly been too harsh. But now I set up reminders for when I'm due to break for coffee.

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The cane needn't hurt

I got caned this morning: four strokes, not very hard at all, but very much deserved.

These were a result of my instinctive tendency to forget about tasks I don't like performing. For example, I don't like going to the corner shop to put credit on the gas card... thus we run out of gas.

Abel shook his head and let it go the last couple of times. The few times before that he wasn't at home to discover I'd let the credit run out. However, the very last time he warned me that if it happened again, there would be a caning for me.

So, yeah.

The punishment was as light as any caning had a right to be, but my pride has a weeping wound right through the middle. I think I'll just go and die now.

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Another Spanking

I wish this were a party report about how much fun I had a the Shadow Lane party this weekend.  Or the start of a discussion about how difficult long-distance discipline can be -- something I promised a new friend the other day.  It isn't though.

Instead, yesterday after he'd driven us home from Vegas and returned the rental car, Pablo told me (before spanking me good night hard enough to bring tears to my eyes) that when he got home from a meeting today he was going to wallop me. 

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You can decide for yourselves. (Apologies for intruding, but I couldn't add this in the comments, where it belongs. - Paul)


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One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days.

You know what I mean?  I was feeling a bit unsettled and possibly (though of course I'm not entirely sure) may have come off as a bit cranky and naughty.  There was no reason for this.  I'd had a good night's sleep, didn't need to go into my job, my research and writing had been going well.   And yet, well, I wanted something cool to happen.  I'm not sure what, but I was sure I'd know it when I saw it, if you can understand.

Pablo was home for the day and had some (boring) errands to run.  They weren't what I wanted to do (though getting coffee for me ended up being one of them and that was definitely something I wanted and needed), but seemed better than nothing.  So I went with him to the post office and Staples and the like. 

I got playfully accused of being a "little bit clingy" which, since it was true, did nothing to improve my mood.  Nor did knowing I needed to find a lift to Vegas for the Shadow Lane party next weekend, unless I wanted to miss the first night vendors' fair.  I hate asking for favors and at this point, I hadn't heard back yet from any of the feelers I'd sent out. 

"Feelers," well actually, that's just my word for begging.

And then we came home and I was supposed to get down to my writing. 

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My Notebook

The last couple of months have been weird as far as discipline goes. I've been spanked here and there, sporadically, for various things. But, there hasn't been much consistency and that's due to a LOT of different things -- illnesses, vacations, frustration.  What usually happens with me didn't fail to happen this time. I got completely out of control, sank into a depression, and felt like the only way to get out of this was to start enforcing some structure and discipline. Fortunately, I have a man who agrees.

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Little again

I haven’t felt really little in ages. RL punishment just hasn’t been a part of our relationship for a long time. But I think that’s changing. It’s weird how something so gentle and loving can regress me so much in age.

It’s my job to clean the house. That’s fair enough. And Q is usually pretty understanding. It’s a big house, after all, and at least he’s not a neat freak. But it’s nice to sweep the dead things out of the corners once in a while. The kitchen is the only area he comes down on me about. He says it’s a hygiene issue. Hygiene, shmygiene. I’m not that fussed, to be honest. I mean, I don’t understand why the floor needs to be clean enough to eat off it. Even if it IS that clean, I’m not eating off it. And anything that gets dropped on it goes straight in the bin. **sigh**

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Stop-watch Spanking (or nearly)

Sometimes the dispensation of discipline is so swift that, looking back, I'm not sure: has it really happened, or was it a wild fantasy of the type I tend to have when I can't sleep at 4am?

Abel doesn't like it when I lean against the radiator in the kicthen. He thinks that there's a good chance that it'll break off the wall, scalding me with hot water and flooding the house. I've only recently became aware of this fear, having spent three and a half years happily warming my bottom against the kitchen radiator whenever I felt like it.

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Crikey, I've lost my spanko-mojo!

I've been living with some persistent urinary tract infections for several months now. It's baffling the doctors who have both run a CT scan and done a cystoscopy but find nothing to explain the relentless number of bacterial visitors for which I'm now taking antibiotics for the foreseeable future. What really sucks is that it really hurts. Like someone driving a nail through the base of my spine. You know, just above where normally I'd get spanked.

As sparkle mentioned in the last post, we had someone email us recently asking if we all really get spanked. Of course, the answer is yes, for whatever reasons of emotional and sexual expression we might have. But for the first time in my life, I can totally see the world from that emailer's perspective.

Why on earth would I want someone to hit me with a belt or a cane or a hairbrush? Why, why, why would somebody do that? Why would I let them -- nay, seek them out?!

Now, ordinarily when I'm getting spanked, I rarely like it (though, yeah, there are a few exceptions). The appeal is usually the concept. One of the most core, intimate pieces of me is part child mixed in with the intelligent, mature woman. Punishment for real life things is a way of connecting to both of those at the very same time in which a type of fusion is created that is about as close to nuclear fusion we can get on a human level.

Or at least, normally it works like that. Except for the last few weeks, the concept has had no appeal to me.

Not. At. All.

As my boyfriend, A., and I cuddled last night, I said it was like someone has stolen my spanko-mojo.

We both chuckled awkwardly. And sighed. He rubbed my back and cuddled me some more.

But as the night went on, a little tiny bit of that child-part thought again.

"Well, maybe you could make me write lines or something," I said later as we drifted off to sleep.

"Yeah. I could make you wear your school uniform (which I don't really have yet) and write lines..." A. began.

And the appeal of the concept came back a bit.

So, maybe I still have my punishment-mojo...

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Encounters over the Camera

The members of Punishment Book received an e-mail a few days ago from a woman who wanted to know if we were "serious".  Not only are we serious (to varying degrees) but we're really not that uncommon.  The number of women writing blogs about domestic discipline, BDSM, or other variations of "serious" alternative lifestyles is phenomenal.  I use 'serious' here not to indicate a sober, distinctly unamusing relationship, but in the more colloquial, American way.  Yes, we are way serious.  This is real to us, although our perspectives on it are all quite different.

I live for months without a punishment spanking; more specifically, months can pass without C punishing me with a spanking for some sort of misbehavior that is not part of a kinky playtime.  Playtime, being much different and quite erotic, often includes spankings - and other punishments - for naughtiness both imagined or deliberately invoked. Playtime temporarily alleviates a desire - a very real and very strong desire - to know that C has limits that even I cannot cross.  (Trust me, C gives me a very wide berth to do and say and spend and be what I want.)  By that, I mean, there are rules about playtime and I push or break them frequently enough - and I know it is safe for me to do so and that C's love and desire for me is in no way at risk by such, uh, incidents.

Unfortunately, that sense of safety is not automatically transferred to our working days.  The truth is, I am insecure enough  and enough of a perfectionist that I am become very unhappy when life does not work out the way I intend.  Accidents upset me.  Irritating C - at least when I do not mean to - is enough to make me cry.  Being impatient with the baby's irrationality (a feature of infants, even) causes intense guilt.

So a few weeks ago I dropped the digital camera. 

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Yes, well...

I hadn't been punished for anything RL in ages. But about 2 weeks ago Q saw the state of my fingers after some nervous nibbling and threatened me with the ultimate sanction: strapping my hands. Instead, he was lenient and only (Only!) paddled me. Then he told me to post an account of it on the Punishment Book. Well, if you never saw that post it's because I never made it. :-(

And so... we had dinner with Haron and Abel last night and Abel was cheerfully talking about how certain punishments in their house were enhanced by Haron's having to report them here. Which of course prompted Q's memory.

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Ivory Woes: The (Hopefully) Final Chapter

Yes, yes, I'd hoped we'd heard the last of this saga too.

Last night I came back home from my parents' house which I will hence forth call the "The Sugar Shack" in honor of the amazing number of desserts existing under a single roof.  Getting home involved (for Pablo) a dead battery, a tow truck and an emergency favor from a friend).  It was after 11 by the time we got inside.  Still, even with all of that, he'd worn new white stiff collared shirt (it's one of our little rituals and one that had been too long coming) so I knew he'd been thinking about stuff.

I sort of hoped that meant we could skip the spanking and soaping. Because he knew I had to get up at 6am for work (ugh!) Pablo offered to wait until tonight.  I thought about it, I mean any delay in a storm, but then I realized I'd have to spend the whole day thinking about it.

Better to get it over with I thought.

And with that I gave him my additional bad news.

I'd had a cookie on the plane.

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Something to write about

I've been MIA for awhile now. I'm sorry about that, and I sort of feel like I should be punished for it. Why? Well, because my lack of participation hasn't been an "I'm just so busy" kind of thing, it's been a "I suck and shouldn't even attempt to write" sort of thing. More on that another day.

The main thing I wanted to write about is this decision-making process I'm in right now regarding discipline. See, Dave spanks me for real life stuff -- we've established that in the past. But, I'm trying to lose weight right now and I'm actually going to Weight Watchers meetings, and I've been feeling like some help in that area might be a good thing ...

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Ivory Woes (Part 2)

So, as you may remember from Wednesday, soap became my long-distance punishment for eating sugar.   You may also have notice my comment that yesterday I ate chocolate without thinking about it.   The following is my account of the conversation Pablo and I had last night.  There is no spanking (for those of you who look to this page for that stuff) and more white bar horror.

If you find this somewhat tedious, I'll defend myself by pointing out that the account isn't entirely voluntary.  In fact, it isn't at all.

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Ivory Woes

I've been intending for a while to write an entry about non spanking sorts of punishments.  Intending to but not actually doing it.  I'm not sure this entry will either but I have to write it and so it's a start.

As I mentioned in this entry, I can't have very much sugar without getting sick.  (I did make it through that week, finally btw.)  But this week I'm staying at my parents' house where the sugar supply is endless.  After several days of hearing (Pab is at home several hundred miles away) of my failure to avoid sweet treats, Pab told me last night that I was to buy a bar of soap today and have it ready for tonight were I to continue to eat too much sugar.

Well, actually, he said "no" sugar.  Which is sort of the problem. 

The threat / warning was enough to make me tear up.   

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A Good (?!?) Old-fashioned Spanking

The punishment I described in my previous post had actually happenned two weeks before that; I don't take time off to write up posts often enough. And on this occassion my delay has come back to bite me on the butt: a couple of hours after I theorised about a spanking infusing me with four weeks' worth of good behaviour, I was over Abel's knee, said butt bared and getting smacked.

In somebody else's house, as well; he hadn't even waited to get me home. Don't you feel bad for me? Please say that you do.

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Grandmas can be dangerous

Lordy my grandma is trying to get me in trouble.

I've been slowly feeling better the last few weeks (I've been pretty sick for the last six months or so - read this or this if you want details). Last week I was feeling really good after I paid a visit to my acupuncturist/massage therapist/Magic Lady (as A. calls her). I walked five blocks home from the bus stop. Did a load of laundry all by myself (haven't done that since April!). Even made a pumpkin pie. My grandma called me up thrilled to hear I was feeling better and has decided to help pay for me to see the Magic Lady every week.

Of course, she also expressed concern that I not over do it too much. I told her not to worry. I was being careful to do a little bit, then sit and rest for a bit, then do a little bit more, then rest a bit more. "Besides," I explain. "A. has already warned me about over doing it and accompanied that with a look so stern it made it all the way across the Atlantic and the continent to Oregon."

She giggled at that.

So, an hour or so ago she calls me up to discuss arrangments for her to pay for the Magic Lady and when she asks me how I'm feeling, I yawn and say something about being a bit tired as I didn't get enough sleep last week. "Now, didn't you get a very stern look warning you not to over do it? Hmm?" I hastily explained that it wasn't because I willfully over did it, just that my brain finally turned on, and I couldn't get it to turn off when I would try and go to sleep.

But in my mind I'm thinking, "geesh, woman, you're going to get me thrashed within an inch of my life!"

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Holy Paddle!

I'm beginning to notice a pattern here: I get spanked, I make a post about it, and then nothing happens for a month. But only for a month. When those few weeks are over - well, what do you know, I'm in trouble again. Do you think I have a reserve of "goodness" that lasts only for a month?*

Beside that, it seems, there's another pattern at work: for the second time in a row I got two punishments in one day. It was pure misery, although I can't really complain, because I did bring it on myself, really, by being a complete and utter brat. There was even some stomping of feet involved, and some throwing of things. So you see that I'd kinda asked for what I got, although I hadn't specifically said: "Please, wallop me with an enormous paddle with holes in it"; Abel totally improvised on that bit.

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Too Sweet

Can I just say that spankings really really hurt?  Not just on my bottom, though that's certainly true, but on my ego.  Especially when the spanking wasn't for something I did deliberately, that is something where I thought "I shouldn't be doing this but I'm going to anyway" but because I'm too spacey to remember what I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm sitting rather tenderly just at the moment because I'd promised (after a rather epic-ly painful hair-brushing) not to have any sugar for five days.   How long ago had I tearfully promised that?  Less than forty-eight hours ago. 


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Two punishments in one morning? Surely not!

You know how smug I can get about being good for longest stretches of time? Well, sometimes destiny has a way of giving smug girls unsubtle hints that maybe they (the girls) could do with being less self-satisfied. My hints came last Saturday morning, and took shape of a paddling and a caning for two separate offences within a stretch of less than four hours.

What can I say? Ouch, that's what.

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Spelling Redux

My previous account hints at an earlier spanking for poor spelling.  Here's the actual account, finally.

Once upon a time, many many moons ago, in 1997 when Pablo and I first started falling in love via email and posts to ASS, he wrote a story for me called  "Spelling" which was based, in part, on spelling mistakes I'd made in posts and emails to him.

For Christmas the following year he gave me a dictionary.  Though life, mine anyway, sometimes imitates art, the dictionary wasn't used in the following real life story.

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Unexpectedly Upturned

As Pablo and I were getting ready to leave today, him for work and me for a day of studying with a friend in her new office at a nearby university, I started searching for a book.  Not just any book but Methodology of the Oppressed by Chela Sandoval.  It had been recommended as vital to my research by two different people last year.  So naturally I'd ordered it from Amazon and then put it out of my mind.  But today I knew I needed to start outlining it. 

It was missing.  I looked and looked for at least 10 minutes before finally and frantically telling Pablo that my book wasn't anywhere.  So he started looking too.  We don't have a very big apartment, but there are many places a book can hide.  Of course when we moved 18 months ago, Pablo spent a long afternoon helping me organize my academic books by a combination of subject and author (I have a LOT of books) so exactly this sort of situation would be avoided.

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A Naughty, Punished Wife... or whatever you call it

Two weeks ago I got what was easily the most embarrassing punishment of my life. Mind you, it's no use going "oooooh", and starting to scroll down in search of all the mortifying things that a man can do to a woman's body (and I'm sure we can all imagine plenty of those). The embarrassing thing about my punishment was its cause: it was a stereotypical thing that a stereotypical wife does in your dull, stereotypical spanking story; the sort, you know, that you never read to the end. How would you like to be a walking, bending over, squealing stereotype?

And what did I do that was so terribly stereotypical, you ask?

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There are punishment spankings and there are discussion spankings. Last Saturday was a bit of both. The former type, punishment spankings, are fairly self-explanatory. I do something naughty, I get punished with a spanking.

The second type are a bit more difficult to describe. When I asked A. what he would call them, he blurted out “Daddy Spankings.” Why? “Because it’s where I help you figure out what you’re going to do and give you structure.” But, of course, punishment spankings would fall into that category too. Then he joked about them being “Daddy Bush Spankings” because there is an element of pre-emption to them. Yet, we both conceded that it was more than just keeping me from doing something bad. They are more about focusing my mind on the task or tasks ahead. I also find that they give attention to that little girl part of me – the “Natty” part if you will – so that she won’t be trying to distract me from what I need to focus on.

Usually we just refer to them as a discussion about my schedule which, of course, includes time across his knee.

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Too Undisciplined For Discipline?

I'm recovered from surgery now.  My body is feeling pretty good and my brain is as good as it's ever been.  Which of course isn't saying much.  Stress is a bit high, but tolerable.

I've known for a few months now it was time to talk to Paul about bringing more structure back into our relationship.  Or, more specifically, into my life.  We were doing pretty well with it in February but my surgery and recovery took us away from that.  Paul's far too sweet to hold me accountable when I'm not feeling well.  He took such good care of me. 

About a month ago I had the conversation.  Do you know the one?  It's tough.  It's when I ask for more accountability.  More close supervision.  More structure.  The conversation went well and I was happy that he'd been thinking about that too.  I was about to go away for a week so we decided (he asked and I agreed) to write my thoughts on what I needed and a plan.  I agreed to that too.  But I didn't write it. 

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How I Got The Slipper

I was slaving away at my thesis, quite pleased with my well-behaved self, when a dark silhouette of my husband appeared in the door frame and commanded: "Get upstairs, now. You know why."

I swear, I had no idea, and it took several heart-thudding seconds for me to figure it out, and when I did, I could only groan. As much as I like to argue my way out of a punishment, there was no way out of this one.

Even when one is feeling particularly virtuous (in a smug sort of way), reality has ways of reminding one that a bare-bottom spanking is only a flick away. A flick, more specifically, of a light switch. Yes, my crime was trivial: I was reading in the dark. Abel decided a while ago that my habit of not turning on the lights as I'm working in a darkening room needed to be stamped out. Or spanked out.

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All This Quiet and Now an Ad?!

I'm going to start by saying I'm sorry.  And yes, I am going to try and sell you an antique hairbrush.Ebonyone2

I'm sorry I haven't been posting here more. There's been a lot going on in Pablo and my real lives related to work, immigration frustrations and the like. But the worst is over and I suspect in the next month I'll have a lot more to say here.

I hope so anyway.

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Like a Virgin

I guess this title makes it sound like my 80s childhood is showing. But really, it's Tasha's fault.   The title of this entry I mean.  Not anything else -- though now that I think about it, I'm sure someone could find something to blame her for.  Apparently after eight years of posting, writing erotica, chatting, not to mention my real life activities, I've reclaimed my spanko virginity.  My pain threshold is lower than I ever remember it being.

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A Public Service Announcement of sorts

I think we've all assumed that anyone reading this blog would know that when any of us get spanked, it is consensual. We have all explicitly made it known to our partners that we want them to discipline us (though "discipline" is probably defined differently by each of us). Indeed, we have all sought out partners with spanking kinks because we ourselves already had spanking kinks (or fetishes, or whatever word you want to call it).  We *chose* it, it was not imposed on us because our partners thought it was for our own good, or because we really "need" it.

I say this because I had a conversation with a fellow (don't worry, I don't even remember your nick) in a chatroom last night that has left me rather disturbed about the message some readers of this blog may have about the various disciplinary arrangements we six have with our partners.

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Pushing an Elephant Up the Stairs

Lately I've been ill a lot, and consequently ended up spending lots of time staring into space, arranging and re-arranging various pieces of work in my head into increasingly scary action plans.

I have quite a lot to do, you see. There's the thesis. There's my fiction writing. And there's something Which Must Not Be Named, but alright, as you're curious I'll say it once and never say its name again. *motions for the readers to move their heads closer into the circle* Job search! (There. Now you know. My name is Haron, and I'm terrified of applying for jobs.)

Yeah, anyway. You'll be pleased to know (I think) that since my last update I haven't earned any new punishments. The draconian regime has been working (that's when I haven't been sneezing my nose off). Yet, it hasn't stopped me from peering at my work load with eyes wide open in terror. Instead of focusing on every day as it comes, I cower in front of the big picture.

And what do you know? Abel has come up with another cunning plan.

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Being Good

So, the spanking from my previous post was over, but the realcitrant chapter was still waiting to be written, and so my sweetie Abel devised a cunning plan.

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Being Bad

I've been struggling with a chapter of my thesis. This is because I'm lazy. But also it's because the chapter had little to do with the lovely, exciting European Court of Human Rights, which is my specialty, and lots to do with the dull, disgusting European Union legislation. Yawn. My usual way of dealing with a tricky piece of work is to avoid it for as long as possible, and then even longer, way past the possible avoidance cut-off date, and then get depressed because it had to be done OMG THREE MONTHS AGO, and freeze.

So I did that.

The complete freaking out over this paper happened just about at the time when we started this blog. Abel and I had been going easy on discipline for a couple of months. And the stuff we'd tried before hadn't really worked for me, because, frankly, I don't think Abel realised just how bad my work habits are, and how much control I need in order to work out some better ones.

But here I was, blogging about discipline, and at the same time having so little of that discipline that my work had got to the stage where the task seemed too great to even attempt it. So, you see, I *had* to tell Abel that it would be nice of him if he could rub my nose into my work more thoroughly than he'd done it before.

He's a soft man, but he obliged. He told me to submit a report on my progress every day, and that, if by 5 pm next Friday the paper wasn't finished, in our weekly review meeting he would put me over his knee and spank me harder than ever before. He would spank me for six minutes.

He'd spanked me awfully hard before, and for nothing like this long. In fact, just the previous day he'd spanked me for two minutes with his left hand, because it was the way I happened to have landed over his lap, and it had *hurt*. It was definitely going to be his stronger right hand doing the smacking if it came to that. I had an uh-oh feeling, and on Monday morning I got to work.

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I Really Do Appreciate It, I Think

This incident begins about two weeks ago - the day our daughter discovered that the shredder bin was full of a million tiny pieces of paper.

Now, she'd found the shredder before, and delighted in dropping things into the bin.  I've found lost sets of keys, lost highlighters and pens, lost baby toys, even lost rubber duckies.

About two weeks ago, however, she discovered that she could reach down into the shredder and pull out all of the delightful mess inside. 

I hate messes. 

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Abel has threatened to make me the first Punishment Book author to be spanked for not posting about my punishments in a timely manner.

*sulk - stomp - whinge - whine*

Let's see... would the reason for me not posting be that I've been *on a punishment regime* with severely limited spare time? Do you think?

*moan - pout - complain*

That's OK, I'll be writing it all up as soon as my ego heals.

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A Sunday in Disgrace

So last night I posted that I wouldn't be on-line today (Sunday) and that I was to be punished but didn't know what would happen. Pablo has done a number of different things to punish me over the years we've been together. I suspected it would involve pain and my bottom, but also wondered what else might be done.

Frequently the "what else" is the hardest part.

All day yesterday I seemed to be pretending tomorrow (today) was Monday rather than Sunday. Sunday is our traditional day for accounting the past week and planning the next. And this was an accounting I feared, while at the same time I was also afraid that maybe Pablo was going to tell me that since I wasn't putting in any effort, we were going to once again put the idea of discipline (I like sparkle's term "methodic discipline") on hold for a while. You see, one of the things we've discovered is that Pablo can't pull me along (at least not very far or very often). He can be very effective at pushing me back on track, but the primary motivation must always come from inside me.

This week it hasn't.

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Getting Back on Track

I was punished today.

Basically, I have very simple rules. Drink at least 32 ounces of water each day (you wouldn't believe how incredibly difficult this is for me!), clean the cat's litterbox Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and use the Clinique stuff I just got for my face as directed -- which means the cleanser and creams each night and the creams in the morning. These are basic, simple, ordinary things -- things I should be doing anyway, without external motivation.

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Good News, Bad News

The good news is how great it's been to watch people finding the site and posting comments this week. The idea for this blog seemed a good one to me and the other authors last month, but it's been very cool to see that other people have found it to be interesting too.

So, with that good news, what could be bad? Well, I guess the answer to that one is me. I'm in disgrace. I've got a certain few things I'm supposed to be doing everyday to help me stay (or get) organized and get my work done. I haven't been doing them -- it's all been like pulling teeth. Anyway, this morning I found out that my "reckoning" on this will be tomorrow. I'm not sure what's going to happen but I've promised to post about it when I can go back on-line (which won't be until Monday).

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Work? What work?

So on Sunday we agreed sort of a new regime for my schoolwork. I have to present a report every day, and on Saturday there'll be a review and Consequences.

And what do you think I'm doing now?

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A nice spring-like day that ended in a spanking

The weather outside has felt like April the last few weeks. Except less rain. Go figure. It was a bright and sunny day and as my boyfriend and I were both up (he never went to bed, I actually got up early), we decided to go to Multnomah Falls.

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Straddling the edge

It's funny how some spankings have more emotional intensity than others. Particularly disciplinary spankings.

A few weeks ago I got spanked because I didn't finish reading the book that was on my schedule last week to finish -- one of those icky evangelical Christian historical fiction novels I'm deconstructing for my thesis.

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How it's Supposed to Be

Sometimes I have a really bad temper. In the morning, when things seem to be going wrong, and I'm overly tired, it can be especially bad. Dave is very easy-going. Rarely, if ever, yells. And he *never* yells at me. So, when my temper gets out of control and I blow up at him it's inexcusable.  I tell you that to tell you this ... Last Wednesday I learned a good lesson about tempers.

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Monday night I couldn't sleep. Tuesday dawned with me playing Snood and checking my email. At 4:30 AM there was dreadful news.

A library notice. A second library notice. Though I swear, I never got the first one.

Overdue library books are not a happy thing for me. :(

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