Frantic Fondling

A few minutes of research indicates that I have been seriously absent here. Seriously. I've written 2 entries since this very day last year. Why, you ask? Because I'm a well-behaved (if wanton) girl. Usually.

Not today, though.

In the interest of complete transparency, I have been spanked frequently in the last year. And you might say that I've been in trouble once or twice. Generally, though, I think I've been fairly level-headed and emotionally stable this last year. All in all, there have been noticeably fewer days when I've been in a tantrum with Chris, fewer days when I'm so overwhelmed that I vacillate between distraction and depression, and many fewer days when the little things add up so dramatically that I break down in tears by bedtime.

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Men want to be little boys too

Some of you might remember back to this spring when Bitch magazine had an article about domestic discipline that featured Mija and I. And that I, at least (I haven't talked with Mija so I can't speak for her), complained a bit that the article genderized the practice too much. That it considered a woman disciplining a man as merely "theoretical" when I knew that it was very much practiced (as is DD among lesbian couples).

About a month or so ago I was interviewed again about domestic discipline, and when I asked my interviewer if she was going to look at Femdom disciplinary arrangements, she said no because she couldn't distinguish that from traditional BDSM.

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How to describe a long, hard punishment spanking





I keep wishing I knew how to put into words what a really long, hard punishment spanking feels like. I mean, obviously it hurts. The hairbrush, ping-pong paddle or even his hand stings so much that I whimper and squirm and kick and desperately wish it would end.

And while I might be cheeky and even a little impudent to start off with, by the end I'm usually penitent and chastened. Not to mention meek and obedient. And sore. Very sore.

But I'm also happy. Gratified. Serene.

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I Like to Ask

Over the past several weeks, Chris has tried gamely to convince me to ask for a hairbrushing.

This, right now, I cannot do. I tried, really I did. I knew it would please him to take a piece of ebony or mahogany to my bottom until I was beyond whining. I knew it would please him in a convoluted way to end a punishment that has gone on much longer than either of us anticipated when he imposed it…

Maybe I should back up.

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Who I Am

I've been wanting to write on this subject for some time now, but haven't really been able to find the words for it. I still don't think I am adequately expressing myself, but I'm going to make an attempt. I'm sorry for those of you who may be bored, but the subject I'm about to talk about is not really kinky. Instead I’m going to talk about something that is probably going to be boring for a lot of you. That’s right, I’m going to talk about religion. Feel free to surf somewhere else now if this is not your thing. I’ll be back to something kinky soon.

I’ve been on a very long spiritual journey considering that my life has been relatively short. I won’t bore you with all of those details, but I’ll tell you where it has taken me. I am a Christian. Really. There are plenty who think this is at odds with my chosen lifestyle. I’ll tell you a secret though. I think before I was aware of my nature as a submissive I was getting my needs for structure, dominance and obedience met through the Church. I was incredibly legalistic with it and followed all the rules and regulations very scrupulously.

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Vulnerable inside and out

In one of the great posts linked at the first Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy, Greta Christina considers the appeal of punishment.

In a "pure abuse of power" scene, you have control over the victim's body. But in a punishment scene, you have power over their mind as well. You have power over their very sense of self. You don't just have the power to make their body suffer -- you have the power to make their conscience suffer, too. You have the power to make them feel, not just helpless and frightened and hurting, but ashamed...

Because it would make you feel that way inside as well as out. It would make you feel helpless and submissive, small and bent to someone else's will... not just on your skin and in your muscles and genitals, but in your heart.

And I suspect this is why it feels so dangerous, as well as so enticing.

I've often thought that the punishment kink (domestic discipline, WIIWD, etc.) is among the most vulnerable of practices within BDSM, and I love how Christina articulates why that is. It involves a sort of double jeopardy that is lacking in role play, and the potential for danger can make punishment intoxicating for the participants. The penitent's whole being is vulnerable, his or her "very sense of self" as Christina puts it.

Indeed I think that buzz I've mentioned a few times in relation to punishment spanking is really a sort of high that follows surviving a particularly dangerous act -- hence it only occurs with punishment and not with role play or erotic spanking. Two people plunging into the abyss of shame, guilt, and physical pain and finding their way out the other side still intact -- or, rather, even better and closer for the trip through momentary darkness.

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Responding to Wakeman

Natty got several posts up about this before I managed to, but I'm not bitter or anything. ;) But since Natty got her posts up before me, I feel *totally* justified in focusing on the things that really bugged me about the article. There were some good sides to the piece, and for a moderately mainstream examination of DD, she did portray a couple of different viewpoints.

HOWEVER. Whether because she wound up writing for Bitch Magazine, or because of her own biases, the structure of the article, the framing of quotations from her sources, and her choice of sources she quoted at all really reinforces one end of the spectrum of domestic discipline.

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Take it all, Bitch

As you might imagine, What It Is We Do can be a bewildering concept for both kinky and vanilla feminists alike. Hell, it's a bewildering concept for us feminists who engage in it, as the epic thread that followed my post from a little over a year ago at the Punishment Book can attest. In her article, "Slap Happy," in this month's issue of Bitch Magazine (Spring, No. 39) author Jessica Wakeman doesn't necessarily provide any answers to make it less bewildering, but she does give the reader plenty to think about.

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Where I am now

About a month ago, Mija wrote to the authors of the Punishment Book about several things, and one of the things was a suggestion that, since this is our "blogiversary," perhaps we could each write a post about where we are now, in life, and in regard to this thing we do in our relationships. I kept putting it off, but since February obliged me by having an extra day, we'll see if I can manage to get a post written and slide in under the deadline!

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The Punishment Paradox

In her weekly brunch, Bonnie has asked readers this week a question that I think most of us here on the PB have discussed at one time or another (and for some of us, numerous times) on the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup. Namely, if we spankos actually enjoy being spanked, can punishment spankings even work? I left a short comment on Bonnie's blog but the more I thought about it, the more I decided I wanted to write more, especially as it coincides with something I've been thinking about for a few months.

This particular question is an interesting one for me as my partner and I switch but I alone get punished for real life transgressions. It's not because he's perfect and I'm not. Far from it (though not too far...::smile::). We are both equally human and fallible. Indeed, we even have a lot of the same bad habits. We both procrastinate. We both markedly underestimate how long a task will take. We can both be slightly impulsive shoppers. We are both extremely competitive (though I'm not sure that's necessarily a fault...)

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Wrong Focus?

“Am I in trouble Sir?”

“You need to stop asking that question.  I will let you know if you are in trouble. If you are focused on that you’re focused on the wrong thing.”

Um… oh.

That was the conversation we had this morning. I’m really not even sure how to respond to it. I have a feeling he thinks I am in a different place than I am.  See, the reason I always ask if I am in trouble isn’t because I focus on punishment, or that I’m trying to do the minimum to avoid getting in trouble. I realize that part of being a slave is failing at times and that my focus should be on serving him the best I can rather than avoiding punishment.

So why do I ask, then? Well, because I need more processing time than he does.

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All About Bridget!

Hi there everyone! As Mija mentioned already I did indeed write this intro recently in anticipation of being added to this site. I'm pretty excited to be here, so I hope I have something of value to add! Anyway, all the relevant details are bellow. I will wait nervously for your feedback!

I'm a young woman in my early twenties. I live in the middle of the USA with my family. My family consists of three children and three adults. No, we don't have grandma living with us. We have what is called a polyamorous relationship. Both myself and the other woman are involved with the same man. Are you scandalized? My parents are. This is an ongoing source of drama in my life. I'm sure you will hear about it again.

Most relevant to PB readers- what we have together is a Master/slave dynamic. In this instance He is the Master, and we are the slaves. In the most simple terms this means that He gets to control whatever he wants and we get to, well, obey.  When we fail at the obedience thing is when discipline comes into play. Yes, it's usually painful.

There are some external things that go with being a slave. We address Him as "Sir." We sleep on the floor.  We (read I) take care of most of the housework.  We usually don't get to watch what we want on TV.  Most of these things are actually more subtle than you might expect, though, and except for there being three of us we don't look that different from any of those sappy 1950s TV shows.

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Introducing Bridget as Our Birthday Present

Three years ago today the first entries to the PB went up!  Woot!  And to celebrate, a present for our readers and ourselves.

It's my pleasure to introduce a new PB writer today.  She's both thoughtful and delightful and her name is Bridget.  I know my procrastination in getting her added has been long enough that she's already got her introduction written so you have that delight to look forward to -- if you can't wait, the link to her blog is here.  But I'll post a few of my own details about young Bridget just as a teaser.

Bridget is in her 20s, part of a poly family and in a Master / slave relationship.  There have been occasions where I've heard What It Is We Do contrasted with BDSM and specifically the M/s dynamic but from what I've seen we've got a great deal in common, specifically in the area of being held accountable to an external authority.  But anyway, I'm looking forward to Bridget's entries here and everyone's discussion of them.

Happy 2008 and happy birthday to us!

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Domestic Discipline vs. What We Do

Dyke Grrl's explanation in the comments section of the last post regarding why the term "domestic discipline" doesn't work for her reminds me of a conversation A. and I were having a few months back. It was about my bedtime and there were a number of factors complicating what should be a fairly straightforward issue. "I'm just following your lead," A. said finally. "Let me know what you want me to do and I'll do it."

I remember chuckling to myself at the time and thinking you'd never hear that sort of thing on most domestic discipline sites. But then, I've never really considered our disciplinary arrangement "domestic discipline."

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Kinks in Our Punishment Kink: Insecurity

One of the best things about the Punishment Book, in my opinion, is that among the eight of us authors, we have a lot of years of scene experience.  Some of us have been part of the online community from its earliest seeds.  Some of us are regular party-goers.  Some of us are well-respected authors.  All of us have spent years coming to terms with our kink: running from it, refining it, chiding ourselves, feeling the warm rush of acceptance (from ourselves and others), nurturing others, relishing it, and living with a strongly empowered sense of identity.

And after all those years of struggle?  Ta da!  We're all accomplished scene advisors.  We have individual web sites and all contribute to this highly respected blog.  Which must mean that we're all completely over the insecurities of this kinky identity, right?

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The Repeat Offender

Certain misdeeds chase me like demons of doom: most of the time I get punished for things I had already done wrong before, and suffered the consequences for, possibly several times.

It would be tempting to say: "Well, obviously, spanking doesn't work if you re-offend," but it's not so simple.

I don't react well to being expected to reform once and for all after only one occasion. Whether there's a spanking involved or not, the "go forth and sin no more, EVER" approach only makes me resentful: if I *could* avoid certain undesirable behaviour for the rest of my life, then I would, punishment or no punishment. I expect to live for a long time, though, and I don't anticipate spending any part of my life as a saint - which would certainly be the implication if all my usual quirks and badnesses were corrected forever within the next few years.*

One of my pet hates is hearing the phrase "Obviously, last time I didn't punish you hard enough." I don't hate it in a love/hate way: it just irritates the hell out of me. I'm not receptive to punishment when I'm irritated.

On the other hand, the phrase "I let you off last time", said in a hurt, regretful tone shred me into tiny little pieces.

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The Story-ness and the Remembering

Last week I was proofreading a news story for A. and remembered that I had a post here that I started several months ago but never finished. Now that I have my new laptop and have become a manic blogger again, it's time to dig up it up and finish it, especially as I really enjoyed what I remembered. Or rather, I enjoyed the remembering. The actual event remembered was not so enjoyable while it was happening. Indeed, it was rather painful.

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Out of Whack

M and I got back from Shadow Lane a little over a week ago, and I've had lots to think about since then.  I had a wonderful time there: saw lots of old friends, met some new ones, and got to play with people I like very much.  This hasn't always been my preferred (ahem) position at parties.  For a long time I only went to socialize; I didn't want to play with anyone other than my primary partner.  That has to do with an experience from a long time ago that did not happen at a party but colored my opinion about public play.

Anyway, I've changed my tune and now very much enjoy playing with a few people at parties.

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Navigating The Parent Trap

If it sounds like a rambling rant and looks like a rambling rant, it probably IS a rambling rant.

Now that you've been warned...

Chris and I are learning how our kink life and our family life fit together again. In April, he took a new job 350 miles from home, and went off to carve a new niche for us. A new home. Meanwhile, the princess and I stayed behind for awhile. It was crunch time for me professionally. The princess was in school and happy there. We had to get our house ready to put on the real estate market (yes, great timing, huh?). For 3 1/2 months we were together as a family only intermittently, and several of those times were in the midst of family gatherines, while traveling, and in less than optimal or normal circumstances.

In mid-July we packed up my car, the dog, Chris's truck, two car seats, ten boxes of toys and various other essentials and headed off. Our house is still for sale (surprise, surprise) so Chris had rented a condo for us that was big enough, but with no extra space. We had, like all couples just starting out or just starting over, a lot of catching up to do - and a lot of adjusting to do. All four of us - but especially Chris and I - have had to re-assess how and why we do what we do.

It’s been fantastic – but not necessarily easy.

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Coming Out: I'm Not A Submissive

Yes, I'm still alive. And yes, Dave and I are still together, and still spankos. Now that we've gotten that out of the way ...

Recently we've been going though this sort of Relationship Identity Crisis, of sorts. Some of it has stemmed, I'm sure, from some insecurity about our future, and some of it has stemmed from the fact that he actively seeks out and spanks other girls -- which I've always been "ok" with, on the surface, but I'm somewhat bothered by in truth.

That said, I have a friend who is sort of my mentor in 'the scene,' and also one of my very best friends even though he lives very far away. We talk a lot and we've spoken about some of these issues and I told him, "Sometimes I feel like I'm not very submissive and it really makes me feel awful." That's when he really blew my mind ...

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Consentual Nonconsent and Other Issues of Equality

Over on "My Bottom Smarts" Bonnie asks the questions:

  1. Is it possible to be submissive and equal simultaneously?
  2. Does the fact that you submit to spanking negatively impact your standing in your relationship?
  3. Do you or your partner view you as the lesser member of the relationship, or are you equal in all things other than spanking?

Bonnie's answers are great -- I wasn't sure how much I had to add.  However, the issue of equality and inequality in discipline and punishment relationships comes up quite a bit so I thought maybe I could put a bit of a PB twist on the questions, so to speak.

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Finding Your Someone

Over on her lovely blog, Ruby Red posted the other day about the problem of finding the right person.  You know, not just a playmate and / or spanking friend (though we love those too), but a life partner. 

She writes:

I'm so damned picky. Even then, I'll meet someone in a moment of weakness and continue to meet with them until that moment of clarity that says, "He's totally wrong for you, dummy!"

Whether it's differences in politics, religion, familial ties... or if it's completely spanko-centric, there are a lot of reasons why people might be incompatible. It's not enough to share an interest in spanking. We all know how faceted the world o' spanking is... There's domestic discipline, roleplaying, erotic, bondage, BDSM, hardcore spanking, light spanking, good girl, daddy/daughter, M/F, F/F, F/M, M/M... there's spanking for fun, spanking for punishment, spanking for the hell of it. There's costume choices, implement purchases...decisions, decisions, decisions! It's all about finding the partner that comes closest to what you're actually interested in.

Ruby isn't the only one to bring this up -- we get email from a lot of women (and men!) looking for partners.  I know some of us have mentioned stuff in passing, but the question of how one gets into a relationship with discipline / punishment is maybe worth addressing in an entry of its own.

(Besides, I'm having trouble getting my comments to stick on blogger today.)

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Examining My Conscience

quia peccavi
nimis cogitatione, verbo et opere:
mea culpa,
mea culpa,
mea maxima culpa.

(Okay, this starts out like an account of a play scene, but isn't. If you're looking for that you're going to be disappointed.  Fair warning)

Here I'm going to digress just a little bit.  I'm Roman Catholic -- have been since birth.  My first 13 years of education were in Catholic schools, mostly taught by nuns.  In my own weird way I'm quite religious.  I'm not very spiritual however -- in fact I have almost no faith in God.  It's the ritual that attracts and comforts me.  I've been away from the Church for a while -- the typical lapsed Catholic. There are a number of reasons I've absented myself -- disagreement with RC politics and my own personal choices (marrying after a divorce and outside the Church being chief among them).  Being away and not attending Mass or joining my local parish have been my doing and I mostly don't feel inclined to return.  But right now it's May and the roses are blooming.  There are alters to Mary all around. 

Right now I miss my religion*.

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The Power of the Book

W. and I have a book, in which we have been writing down the various rules and "systems" we've been trying to set up, in which we record punishments, where the lines parts write are kept, and where we keep notes of what works, what doesn't, and why.

I guess you would call it our personal "punishment book."

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Upping the Ante

Most of us have inner children.  Some of us have inner teenagers.  With dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.), those inner teenagers are a little more complicated to deal with.  They are more than that impulse inside, where someone can have a feeling, recognize it, and do something to make that feeling resolve, while still understanding the world in adult terms.  So when my inner 14 year old is active, she has all the reasoning and coping skills of an actual 14 year old.  You might think this would be challenging, and it is.  Or, as W. would say, "Boy, howdy."

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Safewords: In Answer to Bonnie's Brunch Question

Every Sunday on her blog "My Bottom Smarts" Bonnie asks a Brunch question and invites her readers to post their replies. This week her question was about safewords. I started to reply there, but my response got so long that I realized it was a blog entry in and of itself.

Bonnie's question:

There are a variety of opinions about safewords. Many spankos believe they are absolutely indispensible and spanking without one is hazardous. On the opposite side, other spankos claim that invoking a safeword constitutes "topping from the bottom." From this perspective, granting control to the spankee during a discipline session interferes with the lesson being delivered. Between these two divergent views, there are many shades of grey.

Do you and your partner employ a safeword? If so, how and when is it used? If not, why not?

My response is going to be after the break, but I also want to invite everyone to offer their own opinion. As you may have guessed from our other entries, the authors here don't tend to hold with the idea of there being such a thing as "One Trew Way."

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Limit Testing

Right.  So the other day I said things were getting "back to normal."

They are getting back to normal, but with some bumps.  I wrote about the first day on el tercer ojo (my blog).  My plan was/is to blog each day this month about how things are going.  But of course I'm already two days behind.  This too was supposed to be written up yesterday, but again, I've fallen behind.

What I've realized though is that being away from things -- my work, spanking, uniforms and accountability in general -- has made it a little difficult for me just to step back into life as a disciplined girl (or woman, whatever).

As it says on my blog, the first day went pretty well.  I didn't get any work done, but Pab and I had already talked about that and decided I didn't need to start my school work yet.  Everything else got done that day and the bedtime spanking was a sweet good girl one that hurt, but not too much.  I went to bed feeling very smug.  Clearly we have this discipline relationship thing down, right?  And can slide back into this like a pair of comfy jeans.  Right.

Tuesday?  Not good.

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What's the difference?

I've been reading lots of posts lately, from Haron, from Mija, from Ree, and from Chris, and I've been wondering:

What makes a punishment a punishment?

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10 Years Ago Today on

I delurked with a story and a very few details about myself, given the name Mija by Bea, who, at the time, was a regular poster.  Usenet was very mysterious to me, as Ron McIngle discovered to his pain as he tried to explain to me where I was and how I got there.  I didn't have web access -- I'd found via crosspostings from a Los Angeles personals newsgroup.  The spam was very heavy -- probably at least 95% of the group's content at the time.  But the community, in the midst of planning the creation of this group, shone through.  That it existed at all seemed more amazing then I could bear.

At the time I was 29, in the middle of the first year of my MA program and floundering in an unhappy marriage that had taken my 20s and left me feeling far older than I was.  My (now) ex husband saw my interest in spanking as "outside any idea" he could have about me.  I'd buried my desires deep, only to have them reappear, triggered by writings of feminist Dorothy Allison.

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Kinks in My Punishment Kink: The Bad Girl

As I return to my punishment kink, I'm running into a problem that's been there since I first started getting spanked as an adult: getting punished. Yes, I know. Getting punished is sorta the point, right? And a part of me really likes the getting punished part -- or at least the before and after. But for another part of me it feels profoundly unhealthy as it heightens my primeval fear of being bad.

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What now?

Have you ever felt like you just had to be spanked or you would burst?  Like you wanted to fling yourself over the lap of the nearest toppy person (creepy neighbors excluded) and beg them to spank you soundly?  Or like you wanted to throw a tantrum in the middle of the street just so that someone would grab your ear and drag you off to be spanked?

Um, I have.

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Want vs. Need

W. and I had a long conversation tonight; one of the main topics was me trying to express how I need more structured rules in my life, with both punishment and rewards as part of the system.  And as I was talking about the areas where I particularly need help, I had to wonder: am I really, seriously asking to be punished for these things?  Do I want to be punished for things I'm nearly certain to do (or, more to the point, do I want to be punished for not doing things I'm nearly certain not to do)?

And the answer is, "No, of course I don't WANT to be punished for these things."

Which leads to the next question: will punishments work to help me change my behaviors?  And there, I think, is the answer.

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Kinks in My Punishment Kink: The Feminist Question

As I've mentioned a few times both here and on my personal blog, this last year found me struggling a great deal with my punishment kink. Some of the concerns have been lingering beneath the surface since I first started exploring my spanking fetish. Others have developed more recently. In the end, however, it all came down to four little words: but I miss it. There's a certain buzz I get from the profound vulnerability that comes with the punishment kink and the intimacy that vulnerability produces is nothing less than amazing.

I started chipping away at all these issues in one post but eventually realized that, even if I managed to write said post (which kept feeling more and more unwieldly), nobody would ever actually read it because it would be too damn long. ;) So, I finally decided that it would be more manageable to write and read if I broke it up into a series of posts.

The first issue is one that has been a more recent question as the beginning of the year found me connecting with my inner Appalled Feminist.

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Spanko Calendar

I was just researching dates for a rather unusual calendar that I'm giving someone for Christmas (you can personalize it with anything you want) and I discovered some dates for 2007 that might be of general interest to this group.

February 10: National (International?) Plimsoll Day  --  And I know just how to celebrate!

April 30 (USA): National Spank Out Day  --  No idea what this is, but it sounds delightful.  It also happens to be National Honesty Day, which might not be as good for some people.

These are the ones I found so far.  Anyone else have any fun ones to add?

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Sometimes, the title is the hardest part.  I wrote this post over at Breathing In and Breathing Out.  It's about the intersection between being a survivor of childhood abuse and the role of discipline/spanking in my adult life.

I had wondered whether I should post it here, or on my own blog, and decided to put it there because it's not entirely on-topic, or something like that.  I guess it was the easiest way to break through my difficulties with writing, by having a space where I felt less of an obligation to offer at least slightly polished prose.

But when Natty commented that she also thought it might fit over here, I figured that perhaps it was less off-topic than I'd feared, so I thought I'd mention it.


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Thirty-Two Pages OR The Shadow Lane Knock-On Effect

I've been intending to write something about the way things are in our house since September (since we got back from Shadow Lane).  I did write this and Pab wrote his response, but that was before things in our house really started.   

Right after that, well, we started talking about the way things would be while I got some much needed work (meaning writing on my thesis) done. 

It (I'll explain more about it as we go) started the first week in September.  It's been just over a month now and things have gone pretty well.  As of this afternoon a chapter of my thesis that didn't exist at all on September 5 now has 32 pages. 

And today, well my bottom is currently so sore that sitting is painful.  Which gets to why I'm finally writing about this.  You see, today was not an easy day. 

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Talk Trumps Telepathy

Last Thursday, we went to the beach.  By 'we', I mean Mija, Iris, the princess and I.  (I'm including Mija and Iris because they've already identified themselves as my companions in comments to Chris's discussion of this incident.)  I had lots of fun, but we were outside for 3 1/2 hours in the middle of the day.

And when it was over, my back was burnt.  Pretty badly.  Chris even posted a picture of it.

To be honest, I didn't dream it would be a spankable offense.  I mentioned it to Chris later when he met us for dinner, and was almost immediately informed otherwise.

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Unintended Punishments

Chris thought I was being mouthy earlier.  Personally, I think he received rather more of an education that I actually intended at ShadowLane, but that's a rather different entry than the one I'm composing just now.  In any event, he pulled out the new 'nanny paddle' he bought from The LonNanny_paddledon Tanners, settled the princess on the bed watching Scooby-Doo, and suggested we retire to the family room (50 feet away with a closed door between us) for a few minutes to deal with the problem, so as to not have to worry about it later when we wanted to play.

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But What's In It For Them?

Prompted by an overheard phone conversation at Shadow Lane's fall 2006 party.

Okay, so part of what's triggering this entry my classic anxiety about what Pablo could possibly get out of the disciplinary end of our relationship.  I mean, it seems to me like work he's having to do keeping me from drifting off onto circular or self-destructive paths.  When we've talked about it before he's generally made a bit of a joke in his dry English way, answering that what he gets out of it is "a quiet life." 

It's a cute comment but didn't really tell me much.  Not what this bit of eavesdropping and subsequent conversation (with me, not eavesdropping) did.

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Justice vs. Deterrence

So I'm en route from Minnesota to California, currently in the great state of Utah.  Even though my mom and I are mostly occupied with talking to each other, listening to Harry Potter on tape, and seeing lots of beautiful scenery, I still have a bunch of time to think.  And I've been thinking.  Lately, I've been thinking about the difference between punishments that are the you-earned-this kind and punishments that are the you-are-NEVER-going-to-do-this-again kind. 

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Layers of Trust

I've been thinking a bit lately about trust and the role it plays in a disciplinary relationship.  Obviously you have to trust a disciplinarian with basic things like safety and consent, but there are other issues that go along with it.  Discipline is a very deep thing for me--much deeper than (though linked to) sex.  In my pre-M days, I used to muse about whether I'd find a vanilla partner and how I'd convert them.  I even dated a few people without telling them about my need for spanking at all, and these were people with whom I was sexually active.  I was willing to have sex with them, but not to let them spank me.  Sex is a less intimate activity for me than spanking, and MUCH less intimate than discipline.  To have sex with someone I only have to be attracted to them and aroused--and trust them.  But to allow someone to spank me, especially for punishment, means that I am handing them my whole self in a little ball and asking them to be careful with it, please.

The other part of these trust musings has to do with my vanilla friends and family.  Of all the people I know in the world, maybe 10% know about my spanking side.  And outside of others in the scene, NO ONE knows about the discipline part.  Not one.  Not my best friend who knows about Shadow Lane and asks about it, not my sister, no one.  Which means there's a whole other layer of trust around punishment spankings.  Somehow it's ok if they think I do this for sex, but not ok if they know I do this for real things.

I'm not sure there's a point to this, I've just been thinking about it.  Anyone else have thoughts?

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A Brief History of Iris

At the risk of sounding redundant, I'll begin my post like Dyke Grrl and say how tickled I am to be asked to join the outstanding group of women who founded the Punishment Book.  It's both an honor and a joy, since there are so few venues for intelligent conversation about what we do.  Thank you all for the invitation.

Now.  On to introductions.  First, the stats: I'm in my late 20s, currently living in Minnesota, days (hours!) away from receiving my graduate degree, and getting ready to move to Los Angeles.  I'm a Midwestern girl, born and raised, so California will be a whole new adventure.  While I'll admit I'm not terribly fond of LA or Southern California, there are some people there I like very much--one in particular.  M and I have been dating for something like two years (depends on if you count from when we started dating or when we met), and it's going to be wonderful to be in the same metropolitan area.  We're going to be able to have dinner together and not have to plan it several months in advance!  :-)

Enough of the vanilla details.  I've been into spanking just about as long as I can remember.  The spines of many of my childhood books are creased at the parts where spanking occurs (M is always amazed when we come across books in stores and I can flip quickly to a spanking scene).  Fast foward 15 years to college, where I convinced my vanilla boyfriend to spank me as foreplay.  In retrospect I realize that he took to it like a duck to water, but I was always self-conscious and sure that I was the only one who got anything out of it.

After college I moved to Chicago where I discovered Crimson Moon and began to realize that my kink was not only normal, it was something to celebrate!  Yet I still had these nagging thoughts about discipline: I fantasized about it, wondered about it, craved it.  I entered into a wonderful relationship with Yoni and Tasha, who are now the owners of Bum Rap.  Yoni helped me start to understand my need for discipline and let me see that I could have it in an adult relationship and it didn't make me less mature or adult--it's just part of who I am.  (I still struggle with that sometimes; see below.)

And THEN I met M, which brings me to now.  How and where does discipline fit in my life at this point?  For one, I'm still discovering that it's much different in a relationship than in my head.  And it's very different in a long-distance relationship than in a regular, close-by one.  M and I are negotiating what it looks like for us.  He has been in the scene for a number of years but always swore he would only spank for pleasure.  As has been noted by some people, though, I could convert Gandhi into a disciplinarian. :-D   And M is adjusting to his role as top remarkably well. 

At the heart of it all for me is a need for security.  Parts of my growing up were really unstable and full of tension and I think I crave stability, security, and forgiveness.  When a spanking is over, it's over.  I've been held accountable, punished, and forgiven.  There's also the knowledge that someone is watching out for me, which means that my behavior and my Self matter to someone, that they care what I do and what happens to me. 

And there's something else, something intangible that I can't quite explain.  Every once in a while I need a big spanking "to clear out all the cobwebs," M says.  The daily stuff of life accumulates and I need to sweep it all out.  These are different from regular punishment spankings, which are for one specific issue (sometimes more), but they're the same in terms of the effect they have on me.  I feel lighter, clearer, and very very loved.  It's still one of the hardest things to admit to myself, that I need to be spanked.  If anyone else has thoughts on this, I'd welcome discussion. 

So that's mostly about me.  My mushy, end-of-semester brain will probably think of more to add as soon as I post this, but I do want to get something up by way of introduction. 

Warm blessings!

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Introducing Dyke Grrl

First, I'm thrilled, just thrilled that the women of the Punishment Book think I'm cool enough to join in.

Okay, so who am I? Well, hm. On my blog, I describe myself as a happily partnered lesbian/dyke spanko. This is true. I also describe myself as a grad student and aspiring housewife. These things are also true. Of course, there's much more to it than that.

In terms of the Punishment Book, perhaps I should start by talking about the role that discipline plays in my life and relationship. This is a complicated subject. I've been a spanko for probably all of my life, and for virtually all of the time we've been together, W. (my partner) and I have used spankings for role-play and foreplay and, you know, play.

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V For A Very Strange Girl

Note: there is a spoiler in this about the movie "V For Vendetta." If you haven't seen it and are planning to do so, you might want to skip this posting.

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Why Would I Do It?

I'm cross-posting here an excerpt from an entry in my personal blog because it explains, in part, how I became interested in exploring the punishment.  I originally thought about expanding this into a longer treatise on why and how very, very different sensual/play spankings are from punishment for me, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. 

We got together with friends in the spanking scene [last] Saturday night. At one point, the discussion turned to why we all liked it - to how we got to where we are. Perhaps I've never said and perhaps I should later expand these thoughts into a more comprehensive essay, but I do crave structure and discipline and known consequences for misdeeds (all aside from my admittedly sluttish, erotic attraction to sensual spanking as a form of pleasure).

Here's why:

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Telling Truths & Telling Tales

I feel odd writing this because it's something I want to discuss (hence the whole writing thing) and yet don't want to be pointing fingers or telling tales at someone else's expense.

So here's my attempt to have it both ways.

In the past couple weeks it's come to light that a popular blogger who wrote about spanking, her marriage and domestic discipline / punishment over the past several years has basically been creating an elaborate fiction.  Though I didn't read her very often (and therefore the site wasn't linked from the Punishment Book) I'm on another list with some people who were very regular readers and feel upset / betrayed and all sorts of other negative feelings.

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A Questionnaire & Answers

Someone (who can identify herself  if she so desires) I met at Shadow Lane sent me a questionnaire to fill out.  Although this wasn't completely about punishment, I thought it might be interesting to post it here.  So here are the questions and my answers.  Pablo also answered the questions and his answers are on his blog.  I found it interesting that we had quite a bit of overlap without having talked to each other about this. 

Then again, maybe it isn't too surprising. 

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A New Year

I haven't been around much since the holidays.  Pablo and I were in the UK (which was great fun though very cold) and then when I got back I had some computer problems which seem to be mostly resolved.

Much of the time in the UK was spent seeing family (and happily some friends too).  But we did have some time alone and some privacy too.  Much more privacy than we had at home, thanks to the generosity of some dear (and delightfully kinky) friends who loaned us their fantastic home while they were away.

To mark both our anniversary (December 29) and the start of a new year Pablo and I talked about what we wanted to do for the coming year.  Um, in terms of me and my goals.  Obviously looking after me isn't a full time job.

No really, it isn't.

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After Spanking

An acquaintance commented recently that while I have frequently described real-life scenes (play or punishment) and have shared them over the years in newsgroups, disguised as fictional writing, with friends and even in chatrooms with other spankos, I don't generally report or share in written form what happens in the hours after the scene. As my playtime with C is usually overtly sexual, it stands to reason that my scene descriptions would be so, too.

Not necessarily so.

Certainly my scene descriptions often allude to an underlying sexual agenda even if I don't address it directly. I don't (couldn't) deny the arousing aspects of play, or that I find certain types of kink extremely ... err ... exciting. I also can't deny that spanking, in and of itself, is both stimulating and painful.

I have several reasons for creating a proverbial 'line in the sand' while relating scenes for public consumption, whether for play or punishment.

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Equality (or not)

There's this immensely cool writer person called John Scalzi; I heard him speak about blogs at the last WorldCon, and have been blog-stalking him ever since.* It looks like one of his back entries has been hit by one of our, erm, friends of the God Says Man Is HoH ilk, and Scalzi refutes her with a persuasive list of reasons why, if one were drawn to choose a head of household, his wife would be more qualified for the title.

It was fun to read (because I take a lot of pleasure out of preachy HoH nuts having their empty wee heads slammed in), but it made me quite sad. It is an objective truth that in our family Abel is the competent person who knows who to call when the car breaks down, and such, and I'm an artistic soul in need of serious maintenance (which is just longhand for "incompetent").

Were I a man and Abel a woman, it would be quirky-cool for me to admit that she (Abel) should be appointed a head of household, because she (Abel) takes care of the practical side of our family life. But, being a woman, I simply can't afford to say this, because how many HoH nuts would file this away as another proof of inferiority of all that's female to all that's male? And when you add to it the fact that we're into spanking, and that I don't bring in any money other than from the sales of some porn stories - well, there would be no use for me to scream "But we don't *believe* in your HoH stuff, we're equals!" - I'd be forever written off as a Weak Female. And perhaps as a traitor to the feminist cause, as well.

My point? Being an incompetent, masochistic feminist is a lonely place.


*Did you know I went to WorldCon in Glasgow? Well, I did. The move to the UK had been worth it just for a chance to go. It was full of writers like you wouldn't believe it; disturbingly, I had previously blog-stalked so many of the younger, cooler of them, that it felt like we should all be mates, but of course, that's what stalkers usually feel in their more delusional moments.**

**A few nights ago I dreamt that one of those writers, who is possibly the most handsome man I've ever seen off a TV screen, gave me a caning. I didn't feel a thing, as is usual in dreams, but I revel in the pleasure of dreaming about somebody so beautiful. It's really odd, because I don't normally go for traditionally handsome men, nor for the young ones.***

***Hi, Abel :)

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Fantasy... meet Reality

It seems that a lot of our musings about the discipline lifestyle have to do with reconciling fantasy and reality. May I gently shove you all in the direction of this fascinating post  by DykeGrrl, where she explores the difference between spanking relationships in her various stories and her own life with her very real wife.

While you're at it, take the time to read about the poor girl's punishments in the surrounding posts; she does suffer so. :)

P.S. I do, in fact, have an actual punishment to tell you all about, but not before I do a lot more work than I've been doing in the last week. Stay tuned.

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I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good

When a girl hasn't been in trouble since forever, and when she spends most of her waking time buried between pages of rather dull academic volumes, her mind naturally turns to mischief.

At least mine does.

So I wonder. What would happen if I:

a) Got the new Harry Potter book
b) Waited just long enough that my friends in less advanced time-zones have their copies, but haven't got very far in
c) Sent around an email reading (in big, friendly letters): "OMG, have you got to the spanking scene yet?"

Do you think they'd tell?

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Bible Thumpers against Domestic Discipline

My vanilla blog is part of the Progressive Christian Bloggers Network, a collection of blogs in which moral values influence our political and theological views in a rather left of center way. I love to wander among the various blogs in our blogroll as there is often a lot of great writing (and, yeah, some bad writing too), as well as a growing sense of community among those of us who often feel somewhat isolated in our conservative churches.

One of the blogs that I tend to click on often had a post reviewing some recent articles on sex written by Evangelicals, including an article on Domestic Discipline in which the blogger dismissed it as giving men the right to beat their wives.

I gulped. Sort of tensed up as if I'd been caught doing something naughty.

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It's never this quiet in spanking fiction

Is it still a discipline relationship when one isn't getting disciplined?

I will have you know that I haven't been punished since way back in February. I've been on the brink: had stern glares addressed at me, and frowns, and threats. But I've been good enough, and Abel generous enough, that there hasn't been a punishment.

And you know what?

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A Public Service Announcement of sorts

I think we've all assumed that anyone reading this blog would know that when any of us get spanked, it is consensual. We have all explicitly made it known to our partners that we want them to discipline us (though "discipline" is probably defined differently by each of us). Indeed, we have all sought out partners with spanking kinks because we ourselves already had spanking kinks (or fetishes, or whatever word you want to call it).  We *chose* it, it was not imposed on us because our partners thought it was for our own good, or because we really "need" it.

I say this because I had a conversation with a fellow (don't worry, I don't even remember your nick) in a chatroom last night that has left me rather disturbed about the message some readers of this blog may have about the various disciplinary arrangements we six have with our partners.

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Wrestling with punishment spankings

While none of us have used a post to specifically link to something else, I read one of the most articulate discussions of punishment spankings within an adult disciplinary relationship that I've ever read over at Patty's blog, A Creative Spanked Wife and thought that it was quite pertinent to our discussions here. What I love about Patty is that she talks about DD as it really is, with all the complex aspects that intertwine when two human beings are trying to define their relationship. This particular post of hers specifically addresses what happens -- or should happen -- when two healthy adults decide to enter into this kind of relationship. That there comes a point where you let go of fantasy and deal with the utter reality of real life.

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When A Pair Isn't Two Of A Kind

A lot of stuff has been going on around here recently.  Not that this is an excuse or anything, but it's hard for me to think clearly about discipline, punishment, spanking, kink, or anything sexual when my parents inhabit my office and other living space and work occupies nearly every waking minute that the baby doesn’t.

Anyway, awhile ago, Lil asked the question:  "Have any of you ever needed discipline (even a play spanking) from your Dom, then discovered that he is not remotely interested in giving you one, or even having anything at all to do with spanking?"

The question brought up an entire gamut of emotions and memories for me.  And to be honest, a (general) topic I've considered writing about before is the dissonance between partners' kinks and/or libidos.  It's a topic in which I have a personal interest.

I suppose most of the time that most married couples don't have equal libidos.  That is, one half of the couple is probably more interested in sex than the other half.  Or, at least, at any given opportunity, one partner is generally more interested in sex than the other because of fatigue, stress, timing, atmosphere, or even the evening television schedule.  So I suspect it is normal that partners' kink abilities don't exactly align either.

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The Girl Behind the Masks

My contributions to this site have thus far been rather sparse. For that I apologise, but I haven’t had anything specific to write about. However, Mija’s post, ‘So, Does It Work?’ has got me thinking. (Especially since I’m writing this instead of the story whose deadline is just around the corner!) Mija, I couldn’t agree more with your answers ‘Yes, no, sometimes and it depends’ in response to the question about whether RL discipline works.

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Wholeness of being

Most people think of spanking exclusively in terms of sexuality. And well, certainly the buttocks are physiologically set up for a great deal of erogenous potential. However, I find that spanking is a core part of me that taps into almost every aspect of who I am, with sexuality being only one part.

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So does it work?

Does discipline and punishment work for me?  This is probably a question for the site FAQ (er, when we get around to writing one).  It's something that has come up in the Usenet group we've all been part of ( and its successor soc.sexuality.spanking).  Can any adult, especially an adult with a spanking fetish (which I feel safe in saying all of the blog authors have to some degree or other) be punished by spanking and have that punishment work to change their behavior?

My answer: Yes, no, sometimes and it depends.

Does that make sense?

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The Devil On My Shoulder

I might be alone on this.  My fellow authors might understandably be flabbergasted (and mortified) by this topic. 

However, this blog is written by women, right?  No, I do not intend this as a debate on whether we should be called or call ourselves ladies, girls, hotties, wives, bottoms, subs, spankees, women, chicks, or any other myriad of labels assigned to our gender.  It's just that I believe that all of the authors of this site are of the female persuasion.  Not that our gentlemen (and not so gentlemanly) friends and observers don't enjoy the blog - but there are a few topics that truly are generally confined by culture and modesty to discussion among women, and I need to write about one of them. 

[Hint:  If you can imagine anything related to the female body as the least bit squicky, perhaps you ought to skip to the next article.]

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I've decided that I'm very annoyed by people who write incredibly sexist things regarding domestic discipline (or whatever you want to call it - I think for the purposes of this blog WWD, or What We Do, seems to sum it up best). I'm tired of reading long essays describing how best to take a woman in hand, or deal with her "feminine misbehavior" or any of that SHIT. (I didn't ask if profanity was okay ... If it's not, I'll edit it. Or take some paddle swats for it. :) I know a guy on the couch in the next room who'd be happy to oblige). Why does that attitude seem so prevalent in this "scene?"  And yes ... I know there are MANY guys out there who don't take that line, but there are a lot who do. And even some women who do ...

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Diminishing Returns?

I really MUST get some work done this evening.  For my own peace of mind, I know, but that peace of mind has been chiseled away over the last three or four days.

Still, C and I have been having an ongoing discussion about something that I think is relevant to Punishment Book - we've been discussing the power of rituals.

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What do you call it?

Domestic Discipline, Corporal Punishment, Discipline and Punishment, Parental Spankings, Masculine Authority, D/s, BDSM, WIIWD, Guardian / child, so many terms and still I can't find one I like....

My partner Paul and I were talking a few nights ago about we'd call what we do. I told him I'm not fond of the term "domestic discipline" because it carries too much "male authority" baggage with it. I used to talk about him as my "guardian" but that carries the sense of me not being an adult, which I am. On some other sites, I cringe a little at the thought of using the term "Head Of Household," especially put into caps. I'm not down on it for someone else, but it's so not us. Not me, not Paul. We've definitely always been partners. And that's the way our relationship should be, maybe even more now that we're married.

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Chatting with the "Professor"

I had a most amusing chat with a certain "Professor" at the other night. After the initial "Where are you from, miss?" and "I'm 49 m, and you?" he asked the next most amazingly original question.

"Are you spanked in r/l, miss?"


"By whom?"

"My boyfriend."

"But I sense you crave something more."

Oh yes, I thought. You, oh-so-omniscient wise one, you can be that ever greater "more..." (rolling my eyes).

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